2018 Salaam Cup – A Message From The SJFA Chair

Salaam Alaikum

With just 1 day to go, the momentum is building up rapidly and excitement is spreading across the football community on a national basis. Salaam Cup temperature is rising in line with the Summer climate as the preparations are now reaching its final phase. Kits have been designed in the spirit of the World Cup, intensely competing in style with the Nigerian national attire.

On the day everyone will salivate over the “World Cup” food stalls, preparing to serve 1,500+ spectators with a variety of cuisine. Let’s not forget the nail biting raffle – WATCH THIS SPACE.

Last year the award winning Salaam Cup saw record number of participants and record number of visitors for an SJ event. This year we are even BIGGER with 92 teams participating, 800+ players and over 275 matches.

We have witnessed a recent successful Intra Community Event –  SJRS Rackets Festival and about to witness a grand internal Event – Hujjat Eid Fair. All these are  Building Blocks towards the Inter Community SJFA Salaam Cup, clearly illustrating Stanmore can deliver at all levels.

Salaam Cup provides an OPPORTUNITY, to showcase our Community once again and promote our Faith, where we can demonstrate to the wider society our volunteering spirit, organisation skills and internal unity. Last year blew the visitors away and they could not stop praising our Salaamteers and community involvement.

At a time when communities need to unite and bridges need strengthening, Salaam Cup will once more show through the passion of football that this is indeed possible where the event provides yet another platform to connect countries and communities and a national basis.

Our renowned Salaamteers, now more than 140 volunteers from this amazing community, are eagerly awaiting to extend its humble hospitality to you, our guests, and other guests from communities and clubs across the country. Let’s not forget the hospitality that will be provided to our special guests, including our sponsors, FA and other key supporters of the SJFA.

The beauty and beacons of the Salaam Cup are the Salaamteers who are integral in leading to the success of this award winning tournament. This would not have been possible without their dedication, enthusiasm and willingness. I want to personally thank them in advance for their engagement and efforts pre, in-flight and post tournament.

Let’s not forget all the sponsors on the day whose support provided us the platform to kick off of the vision we had in our first meeting back in December.

A massive thank you to the Core Team for their collaboration, strategy, tremendous work rate and humour when you needed it most.

There would be no Salaam Cup, without you, our SJFA boys and parents who are instrumental in the success of the SJFA and the Salaam Cup.

I personally looking forward to greeting and saying Salaams to you all on Saturday 30th June at Harefield Academy!

Let the games begin in the spirit of Salaam, with Peace, Respect and Unity!

Salaams & Duas
Mohammed Valjy
SJFA – Chair