2018 Salaam Cup – A Parents Perspective

For weeks and weeks the house has been buzzing with two topics-The World Cup & the Salaam Cup! I attended the event expecting to just watch my child play some football as we do on many weekends and catch up with some friends, however I was pleasantly surprised to find that although football was certainly the focus, every single area of this event had been meticulously planned. The football itself was so well organised from the teams to the matches they played. The support the children received from their coaches was most impressive and the referees did a brilliant job. There was a lovely sense of community sitting alongside old friends from other communities and cheering for each others children & then briefly forgetting those friendships while we watched our children play against one another! There were parents, siblings, grandparents and friends all supporting the children which was so heartwarming and very noisy! If you thought the parents of the cubs would be quiet and restrained you were certainly mistaken and the children’s celebrations of their goals mimicked that which you would normally see in the World Cup. Each cub was given a brilliant glow in the dark medal to reinforce the fact that at their age the most important aspect is that they partake and have fun.

Now onto the rest of the event ! If you didn’t go the the football area you could easily have mistakenly thought you had stumbled upon a halal food festival. Between the halal hot dogs, the burgers and the bbq food there was something to cater to everyone. If you weren’t already in a food coma after all of that, then the baskin robbins ice cream and Belgian waffles were sure to take you there!

If the children fancied a break from the sun there was a lovely auditorium that was serving free candy floss and popcorn which they could enjoy whilst watching a children’s movie.

Not only was the event so well planned, it was also very green with every child partaking being given a water bottle and there were plenty of water stations where the children could refill.

As a parent spending the entire day out with my children, this was one of the only times I haven’t had to carry anything with me as every need was catered to. The volunteers were phenomenal which made the salaam cup a fantastic day out for all ages from my 3 year old child to my father ( whose age I won’t publish)!

Shamma Janmohamed (Tier 1 parent)