2018 Salaam Cup – Best Menu In Town

An amazing day with lots of sun, spirit and tantalizing food aromas filled Salaam Cup 2018!

The kitchen doors opened to sounds of kettles boiling, fruit being washed and croissants plated and being brought into the player’s lounge, where there was a buzz of kids and coaches arriving. They came through fueling themselves in readiness for their matches.

Food stalls including German sausages, ice cream, thick milkshakes, ice cold mocktails and melt in your mouth barbecued brisket. To finish off sweet waffles on a stick or devouring cupcakes that were the perfect match with a cup of traditional spiced tea.

Our Aunties worked tirelessly preparing and serving moorish vegetarian dishes all through the day. The halls were filled with the inviting smells of freshly made popcorn and fluffy pink cotton candy.

Our grills sizzled from early morning until the tournaments finale, just before the exciting raffle prize winners were announced. Hundreds of burgers, chips and drinks sold through the day to feed the visitors that enjoyed a day of football on the Harefield Academy pitches and live screenings of the World Cup games in the packed out fan zone.

As the tournament came to an end, so did the grills, fryers and blenders. The food area slowly began to dismantle and Salaamteers picked up the remnants of the day. What a day that we all experienced, as tables and chairs were folded so did the curtains on a successful and memorable Salaam Cup 2018.

Salaams & Duas
Asifa Pradhan