2019 Salaam Cup – Schedule Of Events

We are pleased to share with you the Schedule Of Events for Salaam Cup on
22 June 2019. Please NOTE the Key Timing information below:

⭐ 8.00am: Morning Registration (U6, U8, U9, U12 & U16)
⭐ 8.45am: Managers Briefing
⭐ 9.00am: Opening Ceremony
⭐ 9:00am: Food & Drink available (until 17:00)
⭐ 9.30am: Kick Off
⭐ 9.45am: Entertainment – Fanzone
⭐ 12.00pm: FA Cup Arrival
⭐ 12.45pm: Afternoon Registrations (U7, U10 & U14)
⭐ 12:45pm: Early Afternoon presentations
⭐ 1.00pm: Salaat (Prayer)
⭐ 1.30pm: Managers Briefing
⭐ 2.00pm: Afternoon Games Kick Off (1:30pm U16 resume)
⭐ 6.00pm: Final Presentation & Close

⭐ Entrance Fee: £2 entrance fee for all non-playing adults (excluding managers and coaches)

⭐ Food Squad: A wide variety of food and drink will be available throughout the day for purchase at the food stalls.

⭐ Entertainment. Football freestyler Ben Nuttall will be showcasing his repertoire of skills as well as ever popular games such as Punchball, Footpool & Vault.

⭐ FA Cup: The FA Cup trophy is once again landing at SALAAM CUP on 22nd June 2019, where you will be able to take pictures with the national football symbol.

Full Details:

Salaam Cup 2019 is not to be missed!

Let the games begin in the spirit of Salaam, with Peace, Respect and Unity!

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We will shortly send you a link to a portal with the event information, fixtures and rules on the day.

Look forward to seeing you all and making the 2019 Salaam Cup a success.

If you have questions, please do contact us on

Salaam Cup Committee