SJFA U7 vs Indian Gymkhana

SJFA Line Up:
Yaseen Al-Shamary
Yusuf Atmani
Aadam Dewji
Muhammad Mahdi Govani
Hossein Habibi Nameghi
Ahmed Husain
Amaar Karawalli
Alimehdi Nasser
Ammar- Husayn Ravji

SJFA started the match strong, pressing the IGK defences early on. They managed to score from this initial dominance, nicely out away by Ahmed. IGK, however, started to play better after this first goal from SJFA, and their quality became evident. Their movement and dribbling skills allowed them to score several goals in quick succession. Aadam scored two more goals, but the first part of the game finished at 5-3 to IGK.

In the second half of the match, the boys battled hard but IGK were solid in defence, and played a counter-attacking game. This part of the match finished 6-0 to IGK. Overall the boys tried very hard and kept on fighting to try to get a goal in, despite having conceded some.

Final score: 11-3 to IGK.