It is every young player’s dream to represent the club on the international arena. At SJFA we are building the foundation where players can develop in the academy with the ambition and aspiration to represent our community at the international tournaments. We are confident that our SJFA players will make us proud and successfully represent our club upon graduation. Here below is a reminder of the heritage we need to maintain and build further on, leaving a legacy for the ranks following perpetually.


This is what can be achieved when a determined group of talented players, work hard together over a prolonged period of time with a single common purpose, to be united and to try their very best for the team, irrespective of any challenges that may arise on their unique journey. à

This was Stanmore’s 3rd consecutive tournament win and arguably their very best win in Orlando having previously won in 2002 and 2007. No Stanmore team has ever lost a game in Orlando

In this latest tournament win, Stanmore Jaffery’s captained by Abbas Pirbhai, beat the clear pre-tournament favourites the Orlando Eagles in a closely fought final.

The Orlando Eagles were the hosts and also the number one worldwide team to beat having convincingly beaten Dubai Unity winners Toronto at the Umoja Games final in New York in July 2016.

This allowed Stanmore a wonderful opportunity to play against and attempt to beat the very best team of the moment. Stanmore beat the Eagles 3-2 in the qualifying stages and were triumphant against them again in the final.
In addition to being an exceptional and competitive international football playing opportunity, there was a clear sense of brotherhood and unity amongst all the teams with many new friendships being formed during the festival.

One of our key aims in 2016 was to give youth an opportunity to shine at the tournament so we were very pleased to take tier 7 SJFA player Shahid Abbas Jaffer who made a strong debut contribution to the team’s overall success and was an immense credit to SJFA.

It was indeed a unique and special experience and in the words of the players, it was for sure ‘a trip of a lifetime’ which will eternally be remembered by all.

All the players were heroes and warriors to the end. In addition to being an exceptionally talented and hard working group of individuals, more importantly, the team had an unbreakable sense of brotherhood.
Ultimately, their sheer collective determination and winning mentality delivered Stanmore the winners trophy.

Myself and the adults squad would also like to wish all the SJFA players, coaches and management team continued strength, energy and determination to carry on the excellent work currently being undertaken in developing the future adult football superstars of our community.

Firoz Jetha
Adults Coach 2016