Brentford vs Man Utd Our Community Partnership

Wednesday 19th Jan 22

Stanmore Jafferys & SJFC Youth had the pleasure to visit Brentford FC for the match against Man Utd.

It was a fantastic opportunity for some of our youngsters to visit what was a fantastic game between one of the largest teams in the premier league against the smallest in terms of size.

However Brentford were giants on the pitch controlling the first half and giving us a few spectacular moments as we sat at their attacking end next to the away fans watching David de Gea make some fantastic saves.

The second half with Man Utd attacking towards us allowed us to see the 3 away goals, a treat for the Man Utd fans that came from SJFC.

Disappointing for Brentford FC but for SJFC a fantastic night and a massive thank you to Brentford FC for their community partnership with SJFC. We look forward to more to come this season.

Salaams & Duas