Bushey Rangers 6 A-Side Tournament

Under 9 match report:

Suhail Merali(GK)
Ali Ismail
Rayaan Merali
Maitham Hassanali
Mehdi Azeemali
Abbas Ali Ladha

The team had a spring in their step as they were warming up and clearly the boys were looking forward to a great tournament ahead. Some of the parents did wonder what the opposition was eating for breakfast after we saw the size of some of their players. Coach Saf kept the parents fed and watered with some delicious pastries and chai so they were in top form to cheer the boys on.

In the first match, we were playing Norseman Hornets who look like a well-drilled unit. Unfortunately, our boys went a goal down in the very first minute which then meant we were then fighting an uphill battle and we were soon 5-0 down. However, a consolation goal in the very last seconds made it 5-1 and it put our boys in good spirits for the next match which was quite significant…

The next match was against West Herts Bucks – a team that we were very familiar with. This promised to be a close contest so it was important that our boys played at their best. However, we went a goal down in the very first minute again but this time the boys did not let their heads drop. A superb comeback where they controlled the rest of the match meant we ran out 3-1 winners in the end. Notable performances include Rayaan Mehdi Azeemali and Ali Ismail.

In the final match we faced the might of TFA – a team who had conquered all , so far. Full of confidence from the win over West Herts Bucks, the opening spell of the match saw our boys playing superbly and holding their own. In particular, a special mention should be made for our keeper(Suhail) and defenders (Adam, Maitham and Abbas Ali . However, TFA managed to make a breakthrough which meant the momentum shifted to them and they ran out 3-0 winners. However, the scoreline did not do our boys any justice and it could have been closer than that.

In all, it was a learning experience against teams who have been together and played together much longer. There were clear signs, however, that this team has a lot of promise with talented players. I am sure with time, they will learn to build on their strengths and address their weaknesses which can only lead to even better results.

Aarif Merali (Parent and SJFA supporter)


Under 10 match report:

The Bushey Rangers tournament was a great opportunity for us to find out a couple of things: how good are we compared to external opposition, and how do we respond under pressure.

The under 10 team was managed by Bruce:
Abbas Chandoo (GK)
Aqil Karawalli
Ali Rayhan Merali
Ali Dewji
Husayn Ismail
Jaabir Walji
Alireza Hamir
Yasin Merali

It was a 6 a-side format, and I played Aqil and Ali Rayhan in defence, Alireza/Jaabir in the middle, and a combination of Ali, Husayn, and Yasin in attack.

Group stages

We completely dominated the group.

In the first match, we started very energetically and Husayn opened the scoring with a tidy finish, followed by 2 goals by Ali from the left. We won 3-0.

The second game was a bit tighter, but a great effort by Ali saw us win 1-0.

In the third game we dominated once again, and two long range efforts by Ali made it 2-0 to us. Aqil, Ali Rayhan, and Jaabir were exceptional at the back.

By the fourth game we had already won the group so I tried something new. Yasin and Ali scored for us but we also conceded 2, and drew the game 2-2.

Semi Final

I was very proud that we reached the semi finals.

In this game we started with the same formation, with Jaabir starting instead of Alireza. It was a scrappy and tight game, and we let in a slightly soft goal. We responded brilliantly but their keeper kept out our shots and it finished 1-0 to them.


I cannot fault any player, they really did me proud. They each gave 100% and showed amazing skills. Special mention of Ali Dewji who scored 6 of our 8 goals.

What we will work on

  • In preparation for Salaam Cup and MAMT, we will create pressure scenarios

Our motto: we back our skills, no matter who the opposition

As the season has now officially ended, we are greatly looking forward to Salaam Cup where tier 3 is entering a staggering 5 teams.

Manager – Tier 3, SJFA


Under 11 match report:

On Sunday 2nd July the SJFA U11 team went to the Bushey Rangers Training ground to take part in a football tournament. The team was captained by Hassan Merali Dewji (Chuzi).

The players who participated were:
Hassan Merali Dewji Chuzi (C)
Muhammad Mahdi Panju (GK)
Ali Khatau
Mouneer  Al-Khayat
Mohamed Mahdi Janmohamed
Sami Merali
Shaahid Alimohamed
Zahidali Jamal

The team was strong and full of excited, confident players. The format of the tournament was group stages followed by a series of knockout stages. Our first match against Bushey and Oxhey Cobras was fun as we were eager to get on the ball and begin our campaign.  Our opposition was strong and they got off to a good start with a series of goals, unfortunately the full time score read 4-0.

Next up, SJFA U11 played AC Finchely Tigers in the second game and once again, we lost the game 2-0.

However the U11 team did not put their heads down. The Kentish town attackers had the ball in possession, but that did not phase Zahidali Jamal. He was jockeying the attacker 1 on 1, and tackled him. Zahidali then passed to me who passed to Mohamed Mahdi Janmohamed who took a shot but was blocked by the keeper. There was confusion between the opposition’s keeper and their defender and Sami was left with the ball and space, he took the first time shot and that was 1-0 SJFA! The match ended 1-0 and that meant 3 points for SJFA. Well done to Sami!

For the last game of the group, SJFA faced Bushey Rangers. We were happy to have won the previous game and were buzzing for the final game to start. SJFA took a quick lead as I dribbled past the defenders and passed to Sami Merali who took a shot, which made it 1-0 to SJFA! Then Shaahid AP gave away an unfortunate free kick which led to a score of 1-1. SJFA got a corner and Sami crossed it to the edge of the box to me, and I passed to Mohamed Mahdi Janmohamed who volleyed it in the bottom right corner: 2-1 to SJFA! SJFA were lucky to get another goal, a through-ball was passed to Sami who tapped it in. 3-1 to SJFA! Bushey Rangers had an attack and shot, with a good save from Muhammed Mahdi Panju. They tapped it soon after, however, and the score was now 3-2.  Bushey Rangers had a corner, which was beautifully headed out by Shaahid AP. The ball landed at my feet and I dribbled, took a shot in front of the halfway line, and it went under the keeper. The match ended 4-2 to SJFA!

Thank you to all the parents that came to watch and our manager Asgarali Uncle for coaching us.

Written by:
Hassan Merali Dewji (Chuzi)
SJFA U11 Captain.


Under 12 match report:

Ali Hadi Govani (C)
Ali Abbas Suleiman (GK)
Ali Merali
Ali Sheikh
Bakir Lilani
Husayn Yahya Merali
Jameel Walji
Zia Dewji

As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day” and this was another forward step in short history of SJFA.

The under 12 performed admirably against strong opposition. From goalkeeper to attacker the team played each game with vigour, determination against a scorching summer afternoon. Whilst results in this instance did not go in our favour we gave each team a run for their money.

Highlights of the tournament will include Jameel Walji’s quick thinking from the kick off and shooting a thunderous curling goal into the top corner; with the keeper just standing in awe. Abbas Suleiman and his acrobatics in goal which even Hugo Lloris would have been proud off.

All 8 boys should hold their head up high for the performances they put on the pitch. Fine tuning their techniques and application in training will no doubt culminate in positive results.


Under 13 match reports:

Ali Abbas Dossa (GK)
Jawaad Khatau
Muhammed Gulamhussein
Irfan Kanji (C)
Qasim Kanani
Imran Chandoo
Kumail Merali
Zaamin Valjy

The team started the day in good spirits, excited for the upcoming tournament. We arrived at Bushey Rangers’ ground at 1:30pm and the team immediately started a warm-up session.

Our first match was against Sun Sports Blue. We started off very strongly with a headed goal from Jawaad Khatau after a looping cross from Irfan Kanji. After our goal, we made a couple of loose challenges that we should have won, but before we knew it we let our heads drop and were down 3-1, resulting in a loss.

After a few words from our captain, Irfan, we started off the next game against TFA A’s. We were facing a very strong team. The game started with a lovely through ball over from Jawaad to Zaamin who couldn’t finish his chance. After a few chances, TFA finished the game 3-0.

In our first two matches we were struggling to get into game. We could not work out the reason other than post-Ramadhan blues? Either way the coach was not impressed!

Our next game was against TFA B’s. SJFA could have finished the game with a win but unfortunately we lost again: 2-0.

After a few words from our coach Mohammed Uncle, AKA my dad, we started our penultimate match against Bushey Rangers. This was the game that we expected to win easily. We started off the game with a few silly mistakes and we ended up conceding 3 quick goals. SJFA had a good chance with an inviting ball from Imran Chandoo but it just ran away from Zaamin. In the last few minutes of the game, tempers were rising and Zaamin got sent off after a “deliberate” kick on a Bushey Rangers player. Bushey dominated the match and ended up winning the game 5-0.

Our last game was against Hadley Rangers West. We started the game very badly and we conceded some silly goals and ended up losing 2-0 to probably the strongest team in the group.

We all knew that the Salaam Cup squads were now subject to change and there was going to be a sleepless night for some of us.

Overall we came in last in our groups, but we would like to thank Mohammed Uncle for giving up his time to coach us.

Written by Zaamin Valjy


Under 14 match report:

The U14s were represented by:

Muhammed Zayn Kalyan (GK)
Muhammad Abbas Lilani
Sajjad Janmohamed
Haider Virjee
Muntazir Virjee
Abbasali Gulamhusein (C)
Abid Karawalli
Owais Mawjee

The tournament was a six a side tournament with the top two teams going through!

Despite having a whole month off from Ramadhan, I was extremely proud of our boys in the way they played and performed despite missing some core players!

We had 5 teams in our group, and played 4 matches of 10 minutes each!

All FOUR matches were extremely close and all four matches could have gone either way till the final minute!

Game 1:
SJFA U14’s: 0 Opponents: 1
Despite being physically stronger and bigger, this was a very tight game, with Muntazir Ramji narrowly missing a last minute goal, and in the ensuing counter attack the team scored in the last 90 seconds, leaving us with a narrow loss!

Game 2:
SJFA U14s: 1 Kodak A: 0
Outstanding performance by the whole team, passing the ball beautifully from the back, calm and composed, playing excellent football and dominating large parts of the game. Abbas Ali Gulamhusein scored a very well worked team goal and was an excellent team performance.

Game 3:
SJFA U14s: 0 Team: 2
This was toughest team from the group! We were extremely unlucky with the first goal scored from a header and he second goal was a result of a slight lapse in concentration, although we had an excellent chance on the other end after a string of 5 passes, this was perhaps the only game we got outplayed in

Game 4:
SJFA U14s: 0 Bushey: 0
This was an exceptional game with outstanding saves from Mohammed Zayn and real end to end stuff, with Abbas Ali going one v one against the keeper in the last minute but just missed having shot at the keeper. This was another team performance with Abbas Lilani and Sajjad playing it from the back and regularly linking with the Owais, Abidali, Muntazir and Abbas Ali.

Overall – very well played, we won the hearts of the neutrals; one of the coaches came to us at the end and commended our quality of the football and the spirit our boys played all their matches

Well done u14s, onwards to Salaam Cup!


Under 15 match report:

The squad for the tournament was as follows:
Mohamedmehdi Karim (C)
Adam Chandoo
Hassan Kanani
Zainali Bandali
Sameer Kanji
Imran Kermali
Qasim Suleman
Muhamed Khimji (GK)

The tournament took place in Bushey on a warm Sunday afternoon. As the boys started warming up with a few basic drills, it was clear to see the quality of the other teams around us. No doubt it would be a challenging afternoon, but the boys were keen and took to the first game with drive and determination. Our defence stood firm, with Imran and Qasim making vital interceptions within the first few minutes. As we settled, we began to have greater attacking influence within the game, but unfortunately we were unable to make the breakthrough. The game finished 0-0 with Muhamed making a fantastic late one-on-one save.

Buoyed by this result the boys pushed on in game 2. However the opposing team scored an early goal and went on to win the game 1-0. Sameer was unlucky not to score following a through-ball from Zainali, and bullet strike after Adam’s lay off. However his luck changed in Game 3 as he neatly converted to put SJFA on the scoresheet. Both Mohamedmehdi and Hassan marshalled the midfield well, however a deflection saw the game end 2-1 to the opposition. By the time our fourth and final game started, we knew that qualification was not a possibility, but the boys still persevered and were unfortunate to lose 1-0.

Whilst results did not go the way we had planned, the boys certainly did us proud and departed home following positive comments from both our coaches and from other teams. Onwards and upwards to the Salaam Cup next Saturday!