Chesham United Trojans vs SJFA U9 – Bears


Amaan Merali
Aiden Hussain
Hurr Hussain
Eesa Ali Janmohamed
Isa Ali Sumar
Hassan Al Najim
Yusuf Jaffrey
Hassan Hussein

Boys arrived and started with a good warm up, excited about their first league game of the season.

1st Qtr
Chesham had the first attack leading to a corner. Good defending by SJFA but Chesham put one into the back of the net; our boys went one goal down.
With the restart Chesham put the ball straight back into our half, SJFA defense clearing out, this time for a goal kick.
SJFA got the ball on the wing, Hassan hussein runs up the line into the box shoots but it goes out for a corner, good clearance by Chesham.
Most the quarter was played in the SJFA half. There was lots of pressure soaked up the SJFA defense.
Quarter ends 1-0 to the Chesham.

2nd Qtr.
Following some great words from Raza SJFA get off to a great start but couple minutes in and Chesham score with a ball into the top corner giving our keeper had no chance.
Great attack by our boys follows, hungry to get a goal back but the ball goes out for a corner. Aiden gets the ball out from under his feet, shoots but it goes wide.
Second attack by SJFA again well defended by the opposition and out for a corner. Chesham on the counter attack but solid performance by our last man Yusuf and goalkeeper Isa Ali.
Chesham on the attack again, one on one with the keeper great save again by Isa Ali.
SJFA again with the ball, good movement and one-two combinations between Eesa Ali and Hurr in the middle of the field.
Hassan an Najim joins the field and sures up the midfield by putting in some solid tackles and passes to get the ball up field.
Hassan Hussein takes a pass from Hurr cuts in from the wing, holding off the defenders, keeper comes out but Hassan slots it on the near side into the back of the net. GOAL!!!
Couple minutes later, corner for SJ, Hurr takes, Yusuf makes a foray upfront, making a crucial tackle and lays off to Hassan Hussein for a great shot which goes in the back of the net…GOALLL!!!!
Good end to the quarter, score even!

3rd Qtr
SJFA start strong with a shot on goal, good save by the Chesham keeper.
Next goal kick is long, striker shoots and scores! SJFA a goal down now.
SJF on the attack, Hurr tackled in the area & couldn’t get a shot off.
Chesham on the counter, strong defence but another goal for the home team.
SJFA regain form, throw in by Chesham, neat trick by Eesa Ali in midfield to get into the box but no goal for SJFA. Quick attack to follow after stealing the ball but out for a corner! Play continues.
SJFA get another corner, keeper comes out and dominates in the area. Goal kick which Hurr steals and ball passes to Hassan who slides in and scores his Hatrick!!! 4-3
Chesham take the centre kick, and score straight away, keeping their 2 goal lead.

4th Qtr
SJFA come out the team talk fired up for the last quarter, starting strong first shot on goal by Hassan but saved by the keeper. Quick restart by Chesham, Eesa Ali holds up the team with strong presence in midfield to clear the ball out for a throw-in. SJFA make a foul on the outside of the box. Chesham take the free kick and Hurr headers it out of play behind the goal.
Exciting quarter with real end to end play.
Chesham hand ball in the area and the referee has no choice but to give it. Hassan steps up to score his 4th of the game!
Chesham restart SJFA steal the ball with a great ball forward by Eesa Ali to Hurr to Hassan. Good link up in the play but couldn’t score. Chesham forward again, Yusuf the last man does his part staying solid, but Chesham manage to get it back and shoot which Aman in goal makes a great save.
Isa Ali passes to his team mates forward, SJFA press towards goal but a strong defence keeps them out. Long ball from the keeper allowing Chesham on the wing, with a cut in they take the ball all the way to goal and they score!
Whistle blows end result 6-4 to Chesham.
Overall a really good performance by the SJFA U9 Bears team with some really exciting football on display!

Murtaza Janmohammed (Parent)