Chiltern Church Junior League Update

Dear Parents,

We now have a final view on the season from the league management following further guidance from the government and The FA.

Under the circumstance there will be no further matches this season as we were due to run to the end of May but with no confirmed date for resumption of games, the number of games postponed due to weather and the number of games remaining etc it is unlikely we would compete the season.

Therefore the league management have taken the decision to finalise the season and award League trophies based on average points per game as per guidance from the FA.

As U12 and above are classed as competitive games the table for these teams will be published in due course.

U11s and below will follow league rules based on average points per game but their full tables will not be published as per FA guidelines.

We would like to congratulate all the boys for their hard work and development this season, it has been an amazing season with SJFA entering 7 teams across the age groups and we have seen an amazing development of the boys during this time.

The U7s, U9s and U10s have shown amazing growth through the season and their development has come in leaps and bounds.

The U12, U13 and U15s playing competitive games has shown that we can compete with other teams and has driven the boys game play above and beyond expectations, a great grounding for coming seasons.

We will shortly begin planning for the CCJL 2020/21 season and look forward to the same levels of engagement and support from the parents as well as participation of the boys in the coming season.

Salaams & Duas