Chiltern Junior Church League – 2021/2022 Season

With this being our third season taking part in the Chiltern Junior Church League we have steadily grown our participation at Stanmore Jafferys Football Club (SJFC) in the league from 3 teams in our first season to the 8 teams we have in our current season.

The fixtures are held on Saturday mornings.

This has been a very successful third season and we have seen some great development and bonding between the boys.

Parents of an eligible SJFC player will have received an email to register for the appropriate age squad for the 2021/2022 season. [U7s – U16s]

Please can we ask all parents/guardians to complete the survey no later than 6th June 2021.

Parental support is vital for the boys/players to progress to the next level.

We would also appreciate it if you could indicate on the survey your ability to help and assist with Saturday league matches.

If you have not received the email please contact the Admin team at the email below.

Salaams & Duas

Nazir Rajvani
SJFC Chair