2022 Community Cup Teams Announced!

With the Community Cup just 3 weeks away, the teams for the tournament have now been announced! This year we have extended the participants from 120 to 140, increasing the number of teams from 12 to 14. We have also introduced team shirts which have been sponsored by the following companies:

Who is Hussain
Medics Pharmacy
Eye Care Clinic
Westkin Associates
Simplify Group
Spiritual Journeys
Academic Coaching
Gains With Govinchy

Premiership Winners + Runners Up & Plate Winners + Runners Up

Paytap – We are the No.1 choice for independent businesses when it comes to payment processing
We make accepting card payments easy for businesses any size, anywhere.

The following trophies are also donated on behalf of the following marhum, and we kindly request you all to recite a surah fateha for the the following:

Golden Boot
Mahrumeen of Rajvani & Parpia Families

Golden Glove
Mulla Asgharali M M Jaffer

Marhum Aarifhusein Kassamali Abdulla

U21 Player
Marhum Zeeshanali Mahbub Kassamali

O35 Player
Marhumeen of Abdulrasul Hirji Walji family
Marhumeen of Mohamedhusein Dawood Mawji family
Marhum Amirali JC Jaffer
Marhum Kassam Amirali Jaffer

Water / Niyaz
Marhum Hassan MT Kanji
Marhum Kassamali Gulamhussein
Marhuma Sugrabai Kassamali
Marhuma Raziabai Khimji
Marhum Mohamed Jaffer Ali Chandoo

We as organisers would like to thank all the sponsors of the tournament as without their support, the tournament would truly not be possible. 

The following link will take you to the website with all the information needed on the tournament, including the teams and information for all our sponsors!

In the coming days and weeks leading up to the tournament, we will be revealing the team shirts you will be receiving so make sure you are following @sjfcofficial on Instagram so you don’t miss out on the reveals!