Countdown to the Community Cup – Important Information – Please Read

As June 27th gets closer and closer the excitement for the Community Cup keeps growing. Many teams have arranged pre tournament friendlies in preparation for the big day, with Ruislip goals, St. Helens and Tithe Farm all being booked up to facilitate these games.

There are a few important announcements to make before the tournament starts which effect participants and everyone else:

1. We will not be allowing any spectators on the day.

Due to postponement of the lifting of restrictions and the complex rules for large scale outdoor gatherings, we have decided to take a cautious approach in limiting the number of people on site on the day.

2. All players must bring their own turbah.

For salah, we should not be sharing or distributing turbahs due to covid guidance therefore we are asking everyone to bring their own.

3. When parking, if your car is blocking another, you will have to leave your keys in the car.

On the day, we will have stanmore CPVs to assist in parking. One of their requests is if your car is blocking another, you will be required to leave your keys in the car. This is so the volunteers can move it if people need to leave. The gates will be locked from 9:30am-2:00pm. If this is something you are not comfortable with, you will be asked to park on the side roads. Please be mindful when parking your cars, so as to avoid any problems for the neighbours.

4. All players must wear shin pads.

To avoid injuries, all players MUST wear shin pads on the day.

5. Face coverings will be mandatory indoors.

We will have the sports hall where breakfast and other items will be kept. To go indoors, you must have a face covering. Hand sanitizer will also be ready available on the day

The wait is almost over, we at SJFC are looking forward to a brilliant day of football and community spirit.