Diagnosis of Hurt Feelings

From the outset the First Aid Station proved a big hit (!) with the participants and the public. The day started off quietly enough with the occasional Salaamteer promising to visit us later for a back massage ( the plan being to serve every ailment!). I settled down with a book to read, the title of which started off a good discussion with my respected colleague, however no sooner had we started, the first of our Casualties arrived..

The book and discussion firmly put aside for the day, our First Aid station became an event in itself with no less than 77 incidents attended to! Needless to say the competition and determination was high on the pitch as our casualties were keen to get back to the action.

There were many memorable and heart warming moments for me as these youngsters faced their injuries with such bravery, many insisting we do everything possible to get them back in the game.

But the most satisfying for me was concluding a diagnosis of a very young player with “hurt feelings” since he was blamed for his teams last performance. He was treated with a strong dose of encouragement and returned to his team ready to face the rest of the days challenges 🙂

The day would not have been a success without the strong support of the Core Team, the smiling faces of all the Salaamteers and of course .. the ones who deserve their own trophies, my fellow first aiders and teammates for the tremendous amount of work and commitment they put in. Dr Husein Khaki, Dr Sabiha Haji, physio extraordinaire Minhal Bandali and sister Fatim Dossa who all worked tirelessly to see that our casualties were attended to professionally and with the compassion befitting our faith and love for our fellow man, as guided by God and His divine example of family and community, the Holy Prophet and his Family (Peace be upon them all).
Salaam & Duas (Peace and Prayers!) to all who took part and all who served.

Raza Kirmani
First Aid Team Leader