Do You Want To Be a Salaam Cup Salaamteer?

Stanmore Jafferys will be hosting two exciting events during the summer months Salaam Cup on 22 June & SJRS festival of Racquets on 6-7 July.

In order to streamline the process a single volunteer recruitment form has been created to allow helpers to fill out their responses for both events on a single form.

Where possible please try and help on both events. These events need in excess of 100 helpers at any one time in order to ensure the games are executed smoothly and other activities on the day have good volunteer coverage.

We hope during these events you all get the opportunity to enjoy the youth football and not only ‘serve’ but also participate in at least one of the the four racket sports.

On behalf of the SJ Project Team thank you once again for your support and dedication.

None of this would be possible without YOU.

Please complete the form at the earliest possible opportunity.

Inshallah further communications will be circulated over the next few months.

Mustafa Walji
Salaam Cup Volunteers Leader