Dubai Unity Games – Squad Announcement

The football tournament will be 8-aside with a maximum squad of 11 players. Stanmore Jafferys Football Club (SJFC) has committed to taking along 2 squads to Dubai.

Over the last 5 weeks SJFC has held a series of trials and training sessions for the external coach, Ali Kamal, to understand the availability of the talent within the community and the commitment and attitude that works in parallel with this talent.

We are pleased to share the 22-man squad and standby players who will be representing SJFC/SJ/Hujjat in Dubai.

1. Mujtaba Husain Jaffer GK
2. Zamin Shabir GK
3. Shahid Abbas Jaffer
4. Imran Ladha 
5. Abbasali Merali
6. Amirali Merali
7. Ali Dharas
8. Baqer Abboud
9. Mazharali Gulamhussein
10. Maitham Gulamhussein
11. Murtaza Merali
12. Mohammed Gulamhussein 
13. Maisam Merali
14. Yaseen Valjy
15. Hussein Gulamhussein
16. Yasin Merali
17. Mohamedasif Rajabali
18. Mahdi Shabir
19. Mahdi Merali
20. Fazelabbas Mohamedali
21. Sadiq Ali Jaffer

This final squad is of course subject to change should there be any injuries/any of the above list being unavailable.

The standby list is as follows:

1. Mahdi Merali
2. Sadiq Jaffer
3. Fazleabbas Mohamedali
4. Saf Valjy

We congratulate the above players on being selected. We ask the community to get behind the squad players and the rest of the SJ participants across all the sports.

Further updates and developments will be communicated over the coming months.