Eagles Keep Uppie Team Goal Challenge

With the first Eagles team challenge ending at 1-1 on the cooking front (see link to previous article), Eagles Green and Eagles Blue were set challenge 2.0 under lockdown 2.0.

This was a “keepie up – team goal challenge”.

Team managers this week were Sadik Merali (Green) and Nazir Rajvani (Blue). As the match went on, it became very apparent that mums are much better than dads at being managers – the mums from last week paid attention to detail and followed the challenge.


Eagles Blue

Eagles Green

Nazir Rajvani

(Team manager)

Sadik Merali

(Team manager)

Hassan Valjy

Ammar Lalji (GK))

Ali Nurmohamed (C)

Aadam Merali

Mikhial Rashid (GK)

Husain Bhaloo

Abbas Rajvani

Zayn Khatau

Taha Rashid (injured)

Zaki Mavani (C)

Jaabir Merali

Zain Dharas

The videos below shows the creativity and skill from the boys. The Blues also had a blooper reel which was pretty funny. The teams arranged a zoom call midweek to decide their team goal tactic and then presented their goal at 1pm on Sunday.

The referee, coach Jamil, then held a zoom call to commentate on the challenge. This was done in the form of a football match with each player having a chance to attack the other team with the final goal as the finish.

  • Both teams started with own goals as the managers failed to read the brief as they didn’t have a pep talk and describe the goal
  • Green’s went one up by showing a goal by the gooners (surprising as Sadik is a Spurs fan…oh, that right, Spurs haven’t ever scored a team goal before!)
  • Blues got 1 back with the dua faraj by Abbas Rajvani’s youngest sister
  • And then the game was a hard fought one, but Blues scored 4 more to Greens’ 3

And those eagle eyed amongst you will have seen that Manager Sadik didn’t read the brief at all as there was no semblance of any keepie uppie by his team! His team players have set up a gofund me page for his next eyetest.

It ended 6-5 to the Blues, and the boys will be back for a rematch next weekend with Challenge 3.0!

Stay tuned.