Eagles Understand Additional Needs

This week the U9 Eagles had a very special challenge.

To try and understand and empathise with those less able to play football due to additional needs.

To be more specific, it was to understand how those who have visual impairments play football. Inshallah this will help the boys to understand and to thank Allah what he bestows on us all.


  • Place the ball on the penalty spot.
  • Wear a blind fold (if you don’t have one, improvise).
  • Take 4 steps back & take a penalty kick and repeat this 2 more times.
  • And see how many you score.

The aim was for the boys to appreciate the use of their senses and to pray for those who may not have the same use of their senses.

The boys were then asked to feedback their thoughts and how they felt.

A summary of the boys feedback:

  • It was very hard to kick the ball let alone kick it where we wanted it to go.
  • It made us respect how players with sight impairments play football.
  • We felt grateful for what Allah has given us but also made realise that we should never judge others.
  • Everyone is special and we should all enjoy playing football.