Emerge Creative Enterprise – Opportunity For Tier 6/7 (age 16 to 25)

In line with the SJFA objective to nurture leaders, the SJFA seeks opportunities outside football that will develop our youth. We are therefore pleased to share the EMERGE Creative Enterprise initiative for our Tier 6/7 youth.

The EMEREGE Creative Initiative will lead the next generation of creative entrepreneurs aged 16-25 to kick-start their creative careers.

EMERGE Creative Enterprise is an RBS Skills and Opportunities Funded programme open to young people aged 16-25 in 2017-18.

The programme offers free advice, training and information to individual freelancers, sole traders and micro businesses looking to turn a creative talent into a business in the creative industries.

The initiative comprises of the following start up support offer:

  • Starter for 24: 2-day creative business training programme
  • 1 on 1: up to 16 hours one to one time with an adviser
  • Skills Drop: drop in and thematic skills development workshops
  • The Network: Access to peer support community across the region

The Mighty Creatives are determined to find new innovative approaches to support young, emerging creative talent(16-25). This programme aims to translate this interest and talent, sometimes stimulated by our social action and festival programmes, into a pathway into the fastest growing sector in our economy, worth over £80bn which alone accounts for 150,000 jobs in the East Midlands. We want to support brilliant, young creative talent so that they can develop a creative business.

If you take part in and complete the Emerge Creative Enterprise business support programme, you can expect to be well on your way to having started a successful creative business, with increased level of knowledge for ensuring organisation resilience, or a more sustainable business model to grow.

The iniative will help you establish:

  • a clear vision, mission and set of objectives, and a commitment to take these forward;
  • an improved understanding and confidence in approaches to creative business development and planning;
  • an improved understanding of and capability to commercialise a creative business idea or planning for diverse income streams, with plans in place;
  • an increased knowledge of routes to finance, including start up grants and lending;
  • an investment readiness is better understood or achieved, and plans are implemented to apply for finance to support start up;
  • an improved business and commercial skills and thinking within the creative business model proposed.

If you are interested in applying, there are more details provided on the programme and how to apply in this guidance.

If you wish to apply, please complete this form. Once complete please email your application to becky@themightycreatives.com by: 17:00 Monday 14 August 2017.