FA Level 1 – 3.0

A further six SJFA coaches completed their FA Level 1 in Coaching Football qualification at the end of last month. This takes the total SJFA Level 1 coaches to 34. What was more pleasing was to have a 16 year old new recruit included in the 6 newly qualified coaches.

In addition to the above we had a further three learners who were ex SJFA boys starting out on their qualification and we should see them come through the system in the near future.

The SJFA Level 1 course was extended to other clubs in Middlesex including AVA Academy set up by the Romanian community. It was also pleasing to have a coach from the Chiltern Junior Church League join us.
Finally, congratulations to SJ Ladies for joining our group with one sister stating out on the qualification.

A key 2019 objective is to roll out further youth coaches. The aim is to empower our youth to be future leaders of the SJFA.

The FA Level 1 in Coaching Football Qualification is the first stepping-stone on the core coaching pathway. The course provides all learners with an insight into the game in England, how it’s played and how you they can coach to better support the development of future players. All the SJFA coaches were introduced to the practical and theoretical aspects of planning, delivering and reviewing individual football coaching sessions.

Throughout the course the coaches were introduced to the England DNA (How We Coach, How We Play, How We Support and The Future Player); The FA 4 Corner Player Development Model which will help the SJFA coaches to gain a better understanding of the long-term development of their players as a whole person; The FA Plan, Do, Review Model, helping the coaches to construct appropriate practices and sessions for their players; and a series of practical coaching ideas, giving them the ability to recognise the various ingredients that make up safe, fun and engaging practices to help the SJFA players develop.

The course of learning was made up of eight guided learning, face-to-face workshops covering a range of topics linked to the England DNA, as well as some directed learning opportunities via three e-learning modules hosted on The FA Learning Management System (LMS). The e-learning modules cover core topics including the role of the coach, long-term player development and The FA Plan, Do, Review model.

The course introduced some key aspects in the following:

  • Player and coach development
  • The FA’s Respect Programme
  • Laws of the Game
  • An introduction to The FA’s Long Term Player Development Model
  • An introduction to Football for All

The course also provided (as separately organised workshops) the following:

  • FA Emergency Aid
  • FA Safeguarding Children in Football

I would like to thank Rashid Abba the FA tutor who delivered the course content. A special thanks to Hussein Pirbhai (Head of Development) for driving this key objective.

Salaams & Duas
Mohammed Valjy – SJFA Chair