FA People’s Cup – U14 – SJFA U14 ( I & II )

SJFA Squads:
U14 I
Muhammad Zayn Kalyan (GK & C)
Abbasali Gulamhussein
Sajjadali Janmohammed
Mahdi Ladha
Haider Virjee
Muhammad Virjee
Jawad Khatau
U14 II
Owais Mawjee (GK)
Muntazir Ramji (C)
Abbas Datoo
Ammar Jetha
Irfan Kanji
Mohamed Abbas Lilani

We were all very excited on Friday 24th February as we approached our first ever kick-off in the FA ‘People’s Cup’ at Powerleague in Slough!

The first match was between Stanmore A’s and Newman FC. Stanmore A dominated the match and won 7-0, a great performance.

The next match was Tuff A vs Stanmore B. Tuff A were physically stronger than the B’s and this showed during the game. Stanmore were pressed very well, but they struggled to compete in the first half.

However, the second half was much better, everyone had adjusted to the pace of the game and the tracking back was much improved. Unfortunately, the improvement was too late and Tuffs won the game 6-0.

Then it was Tuff B vs Stanmore A. This match was a highly anticipated encounter as it was expected to be a close game. As the game progressed, it was clear that both teams were competing well. Unfortunately, even though Stanmore A played well, luck was not on their side and the game finished up as a 5-2 defeat.

Now it was Stanmore B’s chance to play Tuff B’s. The first half went Stanmore’s way as they took a lead of 1-0. In the second half Tuff B showed their class and bagged 2 good goals. With the clock ticking, Stanmore B needed to find a bit of magic. They were not to be disappointed. The keeper quickly rolled the ball out to the defender who then played a great ball to Irfaan Khanji. In one quick move, he dribbled to the half way line, and took a beast of a shot. It fizzed off his left boot into the top corner, the keeper didn’t stand a chance. Final Score 2-2.

Then came the biggest game of the night. The mouth watering clash of ‘Stanmore A v B’. This was the game that all the players and parents were waiting for. It was definitely worth the wait as it easily turned out to be the game of the tournament. From the kick off, Stanmore A pressed straight away forcing an error. Mahdi Ladha pounced on the opportunity and thumped the ball into the net. Not be outdone, Stanmore B hit back right at the end of the first half with Ammar Jetha managing to squeeze one past the Stanmore A keeper levelling the game at 1-1 to set up an exciting second half.

In the second half, Haider Virjee put the A’s in the lead again but Ammar Jetha levelled it up again (2-2). With 1 minute left MJ Virjee crashed the ball into the top right corner of the net for what  surely looked like the winner. However, with the referee about to blow full time, Stanmore B piled forward. An exquisite pass found Ammar Jetha who calmly slotted the ball home to claim his hat trick. The ref then blew the full whistle and the game was over, 3-3. What a game!

There was one more game left to play for Stanmore B’s against Newman FC. Just as the A’s had, the B’s also dominated the game but whilst the A’s had converted their chances, the B’s struggled to convert theirs. Nevertheless, Stanmore found the net and won 3-0.

All the players really enjoyed the tournament and are looking forward to playing in many more!

Written by: Ammar Jetha