Football And Movement

The game of football involves multi-directional movements with variety of needs from sprints to passes to jumping headers. It is important that we understand the nature of the game to produce effective training programmes that are authentic to the movements of our bodies.

God has created us in a holistic manner, whereby each aspect of our system has to be interconnected and inter-related in order to produce a movement that allows us to get to a ball, kick a ball in a certain direction or twist and turn. For one movement, as simple as receiving a pass, your eyes must assess the pace at which the ball is arriving and the direction it is coming from. This then is relayed to your brain that will send out a neurological response to the muscles and joints within the body. Which in turn should be able to move freely into position at the correct speed and distance to receive the ball.

Having knowledge of this allows us to understand the importance of a good warm up to prevent injuries. A warm up that involves movements that are closely related to the task that you are about to perform, in this case football. Try the following couple of movements before your game and see what differences it makes to your abilities on the pitch:

  1. Jogging in a variety of ways – side ways, in circles, diagonally, straight line
  2. Short lunges in different directions – as if you were stepping into to tackle
  3. Lightly swinging through a shot technique without a ball – concentrating on the movement
  4. Two hand reaches – above your head, to the sides and in rotations
  5. Long deep breathes

Allow the body, in a safe environment, to increase blood flow to the muscles, increase awareness to your movements and bring confidence to your touch.

We would like to thank Twelfth Health for their contribution.
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