Fullerians FC U12 Hawks vs SJFC U12


1) Maisam Ahmed
2) Basher Al Jamali
3) Ridha Al Najim
4) Syed Hassan Alavi
5) Aadam Dewji
6) Muhammad Mahdi Govani
7) Ahmad Husain
8) Amaar Karawalli
9) Hamza Mehrali
10) Ali Mukhtar
11) Ammar Husayn Ravji
12) Zain Alibhai

The Red & Black troops embraced the light rain and grey clouds as SJFC U12s were hosted by Fullerians FC Hawks at the Sun Postal Sports and Social Club. 

The impressive venue proudly presenting numerous pitches is frequently graced by the SJFC Adults team with the venue being the home ground for our first team.

With parents lining up with their umbrellas, the hosts respectfully selected black bibs to avoid the colour clash on the pitch.

Both teams had their previous fixture fresh in mind, as an intense battle took place at Maple Cross only a few weeks back with the season opener ending with a 1-1 draw.

Following a good build up by SJFC soon after kick-off, Fullerians began to take the command of the game. A slight misjudgement in the SJFC back-line in the 5th minute presented a golden opportunity for the hosts to take charge of the game, only to be denied by Ridha Al Najim’s superb recovery accompanied by Ali Mukhtar’s great save and subsequent clearance by Ridha. This move very much set the tone and tune for what was about to be witnessed throughout the game.

In the 7th minute SJFC worked its way to win a corner with the clearance catching out our defenders who had moved up the line leaving their striker alone with our keeper and making no mistakes.

The goal came as a cold shower literally with the skies opening up and rain pouring down. As the ball travelled its way to kick-off position, we could vividly sense the determination emanating from our boys. From this point onwards the complexion of the game saw a turn and SJFC started taking full control on all positions.

In the 11th minute, Adam Dewji elegantly cut a ball through with precision to Ahmed Husain whose effort was saved. The following corner was picked up by Ahmed with his delicate left foot curling the ball into the area and into the goal via the keeper.

The following sequence then witnessed another great effort by Ahmed followed by a counter-attack cleared by Ridha in typical Paolo Maldini style.

As the first quarter was ticking towards the final minute, Ammar Karawalli displayed superb control signed Franco Baresi, delivering an equally superb through ball to Adam who in a composed manner gave SJFC a well-deserved 2-1 lead.

Whilst Coach Sabir was preparing for his quarter-time talk, Maisam Ahmed took on 2 players and a good shot was saved by the opposition keeper saving them from a two-goal deficit. But it didn’t end there as Maisam brilliantly cut through just on the edge of the whistle for his effort to go just wide.

The second quarter was another splendid display by our young boys. Skill, elegance, and accuracy in the attack was backed up by a wall in the defensive midfield and the backline accompanied by brave and valiant goalkeeping.

In the 3rd minute, Ali exemplified a goalkeeper’s attacking role in form of a precise ball landing on Adam’s feet who controlled the ball and gave SJFC a 2 goal breathing space early in the quarter.

The following 4 minutes presented two qualified opportunities for the Fullerians to come back in the game but on both occasions Ali acted as a saviour with first effort saved in the 5th minute and two minutes later he was quick off the line with a great clearance.    

Halfway through the second quarter, our commander in the midfield Bashir Al Jamali saw his effort go just wide. SJFC kept on pressing high and in the 11th minute Ahmed cut the ball through, calmy converted by Adam. 2 minutes later it was Ahmed’s turn as he alertly picked up a high ball following a miss in clearance by the opposition, leaving SJFC with a 5-1 lead at half-time.

Fullerians came out charged in the 3rd quarter but once again their great effort was saved by Ali with an agile save. Despite having played more than 30 minutes of intensive football, our boys continued to march on and in the 8th minute Hamza Mehrali together with Maisam once again showed great technique forcing a double save by the keeper.

Before the game we were told Adam was due to leave at half-time with the early kick-off at Vicarage Road, however he managed to negotiate an extension and delivered yet another composed finish in the 10th minute, served by Ahmed. This was followed by our seventh for the day as Hamza took on three players on the left wing, serving Ahmed to roll in 7-1.  

In the fourth quarter, Syed Hassan Alavi exchanged with Ali giving the latter an opportunity to display his outfield skills. Up to that point we had seen 3 quarters of great defending by Hassan holding the line with Ammar and Ridha.

The last quarter had barely kicked off when Ali energetically was alert in front of the other goal and scored 8-1. In the following minute, Hamza took on three players again, this time on the right wing and served a delicious ball to Muhammad Mahdi Govani whose powerful shot was saved. This quarter also witnessed the great energy displayed by Ammar Ravji who was constantly a threat in the attack. He was accompanied by 2 great efforts from Zain Alibhai in the 5th and 9th minute with the latter saved after a great run and rebound converted by Ali Mukhtar, settling the final score at 9-1.