Futsal League 13.05.2017.

Under 8’s Match reports:

SJFA Tier 2 v/s London Wizards
Yusuf Atmani
Yacine Atmani
Muhammad Mahdi Govani
Hossein Habibi
Abbasali Muraj
Aadam Dewji

On 13th May 2017, Tier 2 played against London Wizards in the Futsal Tournament. London Wizard started the game strongly scoring several goals in quick succession. Once SJFA settled down in the game, they were able to match London Wizard, dominating at times but their GK made good saves to keep SJFA out. The final score was 10-5 to London Wizards. The scorers for SJFA were Aadam (3), Yacine Atmani (1) and Abbasali (1).

Under 10 Match report:
The buzz of playing in a league has really lifted our tier.

In our third match of the league, our A team were once again playing a team from London Wizards.

SJFA vs London Wizards
We picked a strong side managed by Bruce:
Suhail Merali (GK)
Aqil Karawalli
Alireza Hamir
Ali Dewji
Husayn Ismail
Jaabir Walji
Yasin Merali

I played a diamond formation throughout. I started with Aqil in defence, Yasin and Ali on the wings, and Husayn as the striker.

Mustafa Walji kindly kept a record of the match, BBC style with bullet point updates:

  • SJ kick off
  • End to end football
  • Goal Ali Dewji (bottom left corner)
  • Ali Dewji chance hit straight at the keeper
  • Goal opo
  • Goal Ali Dewji (bottom left corner)
  • Goal Husayn Ismail (bottom left corner)
  • Goal Alireza (in own half chipped the keeper)
  • Goal opo (well worked)
  • Goal opo
  • Goal Alireza (came off the keeper)
  • Goal Husayn Ismail (top right)
  • Goal Husayn Ismail (bottom left), assist from Ali Dewji across goal and a great team goal
  • Goal Ali Dewji (top left)
  • Goal Husayn Ismail (top left)
  • Goal Husayn Ismail (bottom left)
  • Goal Alireza Hamir
  • Goal opo (top left)

As you can see, we scored a bunch and we conceded 4. In the wise words of Michael Owen:

‘Whichever team scores more goals usually wins.’

Thanks for the wisdom Mr Owen, I guess that’s the kind of wisdom he got at the end of his career at Manchester United.

Result and scorers
The game finished SJFA 13 – 4 London Wizards.
Ali Dewji – 4 goals
Husayn Ismail – 6 goals
Alireza Hamir – 3 goals

The boys played really well, and it was almost a complete performance.
Suhail was great in goal, Aqil was solid at the back as ever, as was Jaabir. Yasin and Ali showed their skills on the wings, Alireza had a great game and scored a belter, and Husayn was clinical as always.

Alia Merali – mother of Yasin Merali – watched the game and said:
‘The team showed skill and fantastic control of the ball and worked as a team. SJ scored some amazing goals. The first two goals were scored by Ali Dewji from the bottom left corner. There were also some superb goals scored by Husayn Ismail and Alireza Hamir. Alireza scored a goal through a chip over the goalkeeper. The rest of the team passed the ball amazingly. This was a very good performance by SJ. It shows that when the team works together and with positive encouragement from the coach and parents, they can achieve their maximum potential. Well done Jafferys!’

What we learned

  • We will try and avoid too many long balls

Our motto: we back our skills, no matter who the opposition
As the season has now officially ended, I am looking forward to seeing all players and parents at the rescheduled awards ceremony, which will be communicated in due course by SJFA.

Manager – Tier 3, SJFA

Under 12 Match report:
SJFA U12 VS Harefield
On the 13th of May SJFA U12 Team 2 brought together a strong squad for the 3rd match in the futsal league.

The squad comprised of the following:
Zia Dewji (C)
Qaim Ali (GK)
Ali Hadi Govani
Ali Merali
Hassan Merali Dewji
Jameel Walji
Sami Merali.

As always the game started intensely with SJFA working to get a goal in the early minutes of the game.

Unfortunately Harfield had a quick attack which led to a goal. 1-0. SJFA still keeping their heads up had lots of chances to equalise.

The opposition were still persistent but thanks to Ali Hadi and great saves by Qaim Ali the game stayed at 1-0. The opposition launched a fast attack which led to an unlucky goal which came off Qaim Alis hands…2-0.

SJFA attacked furiously with some great shots from Hassan, SJFA knew they could get a goal back. SJFA still kept play of the ball taking it upfield where Zia finished it off with a great goal, SJFA were back in it. 2-1.

Harfield attacked quickly from the centre spot attempting some great shots but Qaim Ali worked hard and kept SJFA in it. Sami had a great chance to equalise but a great save from the keeper meant he was denied. SJFA still under pressure lost the ball in a dangerous area which caused them to go 3-1 down. Harfield kept possession and had some great chances however Ali Hadi’s blocks kept SJFA’s heads up high. Disastrously, Harfield managed to get 3 quick goals one of them being an own goal. 6-1!!! to Harfield now.

SJFA really needing a goal now managed to get a close chance with Jameel hitting the post in the later stages of the game. Harfield still controlling the match had a few shots but some brilliant work from Qaim Ali kept the score at 6-1.

SJFA losing out on the ball once a again made them go 7-1 down with a great finish in the top corner. Hassan managed to run through the whole team and scored an exceptional goal from the kick off 7-2!! SJFA attempted a third goal but another great effort from Hassan went over the bar. A quick break through made SJFA get a their last goal with Sami scoring with an excellent finish it the right corner 7-3.

Sadly the game came to end with SJFA losing 7-3.

Man of the Match: Qaim Ali

Match report authored by: Jaabir Walji – Under 10 SJFA Team Member

Under 14 Match report:
Stanmore Jaffery’s B vs London Wizards A
Manager: Mohammed Valjy

Irfaan Kanji
Zaamin Valjy
Haider Virjee
Muntazir Ramji
Mohammed-Zayn Kalyan
Kumail Merali
Abid Karawalli
Jawad Khatau

The match began with the ecstatic fans cheering and screaming at the players. The score was unpredictable as both teams were well-matched and seemed equal in ability. London Wizards started off playing quick football which resulted in a 2-0 lead for them within a mere 5 minutes. However, the Stanmore Jaffery’s players kept their heads high and pushed for a goal. Haider Virjee scored the first goal for his team by slotting the ball past the keeper into the left corner. This goal created hope and motivation within the players and as time passed, the score became 3-3. The game got more tense as more opportunities were created. Zaamin Valjy played an outstanding through-ball to Haider who could not finish the ball due to an astonishing save made by the London Wizards keeper. It seemed impossible for several minutes to score against the opposition’s keeper but Irfaan Kanji, with full confidence, blasted the ball into the top right corner of the goal making the crowd go wild! The Wizards retaliated by scoring another 2 goals passed MZ, the second best goalkeeper in the world. Once again, Irfaan showed no fear and took an ambitious shot directly from a corner which miraculously landed in the back of the net! Stanmore Jaffery’s had equalised. For the remaining few minutes, the SJ team created multiple chances which lacked a finish. The referee blew the whistle, leaving the score as a draw at 5-5. Although SJ had more openings, the final result was a fair reflection on how both teams performed.

Match report by Muntazir Ramji