Futsal League 06.05.2017.

U 8 Match report:
SJFA Tier 2 Red vs SJFA Tier 2 Blue

Team Red
Aliraza Damani
Muhammad Mahdi Govani
Hossein Habibi
Abbasali Muraj
Aliabbas Janmohamed

Team Blue
Aadam Dewji
Amaar Karawalli
Haani Merali
Husayn Merali
Yusuf Atmani
Hasnain Jiwa

On 6th May 2017, Tier 2 teams played against each other in the Futsal Tournament. The match was played for 40 min straight with rolling substitutions. Both teams showed excellent composure with the ball. The Red team was first of the mark, scoring three quick goals but the blue team responded well. The scorers for the Red team were Aliraza (3), Abbasali Muraj (2) and Muhammad Mahdi (1). In the Blue team, the scorers were Aadam (6), Rayaan (1), Yusuf (1) and Amaar (1).  The man of the match was Aadam.

U 10 Match reports:
Stanmore Jafferys Team A vs London Wizards

It has always been a vision of mine that Tier 3 would play in a regular competitive league. The futsal league of Harefield has got us some way to achieving that.

In the last fixture, we had two Tier 3 teams playing each other, and we tried to balance the teams as much as possible. This was undoubtedly a success, as the match finished 5-5.

However, this week, as we were playing external teams, we intentionally made one team stronger than the other. I would really request parents to take note that the ethos we have adopted all season is to be as competitive as possible in all our fixtures.

SJFA vs London Wizards
The London Wizards arrived in their bright kits and began warming up. Just looking at them I could see they were a disciplined team with really good touch.

Our squad was as follows:
Suhail Merali (GK)
Aqil Karawalli
Alireza Hamir
Ali Dewji
Husayn Ismail
Aqeel Bhimani
Kumail Esmail

I played a diamond formation to begin with. I put Aqil in defence, Alireza and Ali on the wings, and Husayn as the striker.

As the game started, we immediately began to dominate. We were quite comfortable in soaking the pressure, and we were able to launch good attacks of our own. With two deadly finishes by Husayn, both hit low into the corners, we were 2-0 up.

Aqil was once again a rock at the back and Ali was always dangerous. Alireza made crucial tackles in the middle, and Suhail made some great saves. The Wizards were kept at bay.

Aqeel came on and was fantastic, running up and down to make sure he marked his man. Kumail then came on and did a heroic job in defence, not letting anything past him.

After a while, the Wizards really began to play well and we began to tire. Wizards started to play quicker and passed in triangles. With two quick shots on goal, they pulled it back to 2-2.

The game was really tight for a long time after that, with no side being able to carve out many clear openings. Ali and Husayn remained constant threats for us going forward and looked really sharp.

Towards the end, I rallied them into pushing for a goal. A great team move and then a shot by Alireza somehow became an own goal, and we were 3-2 up.

We held on and all the boys worked their socks off. In the last minute, a low cross came in and Ali side heeled it past the keeper with great skill to make it 4-2.

SJFA 4 – 2 London Wizards

What we learned

  • We have to avoid carelessness in giving the ball away
  • We have to shoot more

This was a really good performance by us and shows what we can do when we have our strong players together. All the boys gave 100% and I am very proud of them, especially how they carved out a result in a tight game.

Our motto: we back our skills, no matter who the opposition

As the season has now officially ended, I am looking forward to seeing all players and parents at the awards ceremony in May.

Manager – Tier 3, SJFA

Stanmore Jafferys Team B vs Watford Town
Abbas Chandoo
Adam Valjy
Ali Ismail
Husayn M H Merali
Hussein Merchant
Jaabir Walji
Muhammad Aqeel Mavani
Yusuf Shahrestani
Official Match Day Team Photo:

The under 10s came prepared to this game as this was not the first time they were playing futsal.

The game started with an SJ kick off. The opposition quickly won the ball and launched a few quick attacks but thanks to some great saves from Abbas Chandoo and good defending from Yusuf Shahrestani, the opposition didn’t manage to score.  SJ quickly went on the attack and Ali Ismail slotted the ball into the bottom right corner.

The opposition quickly attacked after their centre. They hit the post and scored from the rebound.  SJ were quickly under more pressure from the opposition but thanks to great work from Muhammad Aqeel Mavani and Husayn M H Merali the score stayed tied.

The opposition quickly launched another series of attacks and scored a couple of quick goals.  The score being 3-1 to the opposition SJ launched a blistering attack which ended when Ali Ismail hit the target for his second goal.

The opposition went on a counter but thanks to some great defending from Hussein Merchant and fantastic goalkeeping from Jaabir Walji, SJ held strong.  The opposition continued to press and scored a series of goals in quick succession.  Undeterred,  SJ went on the attack with Ali Ismail squaring the ball to Adam Valjy to score at the end of it.

The game ended 13-3 at full-time.

By Jameel Walji
(Official Tier 3 Match Day Journalist)

U12 Match reports:
SJFA U12 vs Harefield

On the 6th of May, the Stanmore U12 Team 1 gathered to play their second futsal match at the Harefield Academy. We were to be playing against Harefield United. Here was the team for the game:

  • Ali Abbas Suleiman (GK)
  • Ali Hadi Govani (C)
  • Ali Khatau
  • Muhammad Muhsin
  • Husayn Yahya Merali
  • Hassan Chuzi
  • Shaahid AP
  • Ali Sheikh

The match started with the usual intensity, with SJFA looking like a real threat every time we attacked. During the time our manager, Fuad uncle, made rolling substitutions as the game went on. The first breakthrough was with SJFA, with Hassan scoring. 1-0 SJFA. The game continued and unfortunately Harefield equalised, 1-1. SJFA weren’t put off and started attacking again, making use of the space. SJFA scored again 2-1. Harefield found it difficult to break through the solid defence, due to some fantastic saves by Ali Abbas Suleiman.

However, our resistance didn’t last long as they equalised once again, squaring the game 2-2. The game didn’t end here. SJFA, on the attack, managed to score another one, making the score 3-2 to the U12 team 1 side. WE then broke again and made it 4-2, we finally had a bit of breathing space! However, tiredness kicked in and we found it difficult to track back, leaving our defence vulnerable. Their persistence paid and they scored 2 quick goals to make it 4-4. Harefield kept swapping on 4 fresh legs at a time and was obvious they were experienced at Futsal and all were very organised.
Harefield came at us hard, and with players not able to track back, a well-placed cross found a free man who converted on the last kick of the game. The match finished 5-4 to Harefield.

This was a fantastic game of Futsal and the spectators and our manager was extremely proud of our performance playing against such a well drilled and experienced team.

Man of the Match: Ali Abbas Suleiman

By Husayn Yahya Merali (Player)

U14 Match report:
SJFA A team 11 v SJFA C team 2

Stanmore A squad:
Muhammad-Zayn Kalyan (GK)
Mahdi Lahda
Abbas Datoo
Amaarali Jehta
Mohammed Abbas Lilani
Abbasali Gulamhussein

Stanmore C squad:
Sajjadali Janmohamed
Abid Karawalli
Qasim Kanani
Owais Mawjee
Imran Karawalli (GK)
Sajjad Shabir
Shahidali Suteria

The Harefield Academy  Northwood Way, Harefield, Uxbridge,  Middlesex, UB9 6ET.

This match was one where although, the SJ A-team won the game by a huge margin, the C-team wanted to win it more and played to that effect. The A-team scored first, 4minutes in, then straight after, the C-team fought back as Sajjad Ali scored to equalise. After 4 minutes, the game looked equal as the more attacking team were the C-team but the A-team had also made some dangerous attacks. Eventually there was another goal by the A-team, making it 2-1 with a shot that the goalkeeper saved, but was pushed towards a defender who got his feet muddled up and conceded an own goal. The A-team added to their lead making it 3-1 but the C-team were committed to get a goal back and they did, making it 3-2. 3minutes later, the A-team scored a goal making it 4-2 as Abbasali kept on trying to break the defence down as he did again but instead for going for goal he picked Ladha, who scored.

After 25 minutes, the score was 6-2 and the defence was starting to get tired but without MZ, the A-team goalie (who felt pain in his shoulder and back before the match), the score could have been completely different. 7-2 came when an A-team player nut-megged the goalie and scored. Then the C-team were not playing well and the support from the more attacking players wasn’t there. The defenders tried to go both over the opponents’ defence and through-balls but both attempts didn’t work and the A-team were ruthless, making it 9-2. The C-team did have 2 chances, but the player took heavy touches on both attempts to get past the A-team goalkeeper. The C-team stuck together for the last 8 minutes but 2 wonder goals made it 11-2. The last attempt for the A-team was close as Abbasali forced a save out of the goalie but Ladha on the rebound headed it wide.

Written by Abid Karawalli