Futsal League 22.04.2017.

Under 10’s Match report:
In a major step towards our development and competitiveness, SJFA has joined a Futsal league.

Tier 3 has enrolled two teams, who both played each other in their first game.

Team 1managed by Tahir Alloo
Abbas Alloo (GK)
Muhammad Aqeel Mavani
Jaabir Walji
Adam Valjy
Alireza Hamir
Husayn Ismail
Hassan Merali
Taha Rashid

Team 2managed by Safraz Valjy
Suhail Merali (GK)
Aqil Karawalli
Sajjad Suleman
Husayn M H Merali
Ali Ismail
Aqeel Bhimani
Ali Dewji
Husayn Asghar KG

If anyone thought the atmosphere was electrifying at Wembley Stadium for the FA Semi Final between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs, they were definitely not present at the kick off for the Tier 3 game at Harefield Academy. This game could have proven very difficult for either SJ team as both were equally balanced in talent and ability. Both teams were itching to get going after waiting for previous games to finish. The ball was placed at the centre and the whistle went.

Different from the usual game on grass with a pre-set formation, futsal brings an unusual charm to the game. It was a 5 a-side setup allowing the boys freedom to roam the indoor pitch strategically placing themselves in prime attacking positions which kept the tempo up throughout the game.

The game started as a very close affair with lots of end to end action. The first goal of the game came from Team 2 with a smooth effort just outside the D. This goal was followed with 2 other goals in quick succession. However, this didn’t deter Team 1 who didn’t give up or let it crush their spirits. They remained resolute and kept the pressure up. Special mention to Aqil Karawalli was a warrior in defence and many a time cleared the ball showcasing some amazing talent. He remained focused and did the job otherwise the scorecard could have told a very different story. Pretty soon Team 2 slotted a beauty and the cheers echoed throughout the hall. Another goal followed soon after and the score was soon 3-2 to Team 1.

The game continued with both teams keeping the pressure on each other; a few strategic substitutions later and 20 minutes on; 2 epic goals in the last few minutes brought the score line to a draw at 5 all.

The scorers as best as can be recalled were:
Husayn Ismail – 3
Alireza Hamir – 1
Hassan Merali – 1
Ali Dewji – 3
Ali Ismail – 1
Aqeel Bhimani – 1

Overall a great team performance, these determined boys made for a fine football performance at quality level with each and every player giving 110%, making it a great team effort.

Well done to both teams!
By a proud parent at the game!!

Under 12’s match report:
On the 22nd of April, the SJFA U12 team gained their first experience into a new style of football – futsal. Travelling to the Harefield Academy, the set-to-be new home of SJFA, the squad selected was split up into two teams:

Team 1:

  • Ali Abbas Suleiman (GK)
  • Ali Hadi Govani (C)
  • Mohammed Mohsin Kanani
  • Husayn Yahya Merali
  • Hassan Chuzi
  • Ali Khatau
  • Shaahid AP

Team 2:

  • Jameel Walji
  • Zia Dewji (C)
  • Muhammad Baqir Lilani
  • Sami Merali
  • Mouneer-Al-Khayat
  • Yousuf Datoo

Futsal was a relatively new principle – however, we had played 5-A-Side back in Ruislip Goals, so this wasn’t too much of a challenge. The only difference was that in Ruislip we had walls to play against. In this format, the ball was also much heavier, designed to encourage short, on-the-floor passing. The match consisted of one 40 minute match, one way only. There are also a number of added rules about how to play – however we did not put those into practice that much, considering that we had just started.

The match started, with Nazir uncle coaching Team 2 and Fuad uncle team 1. Sami started in goal for team 2, who did not have a fixed keeper. Intense play followed, with each team playing end to end football in an exciting opening ten minutes. The play intensified as the game went on, both teams wearing their hearts on their sleeve. Every ball was fought mercilessly, and pressing was vital to success.

Finally, Mouneer managed to hit home, scoring a well-placed shot into the back of the net. 1-0 to Stanmore 2. The game reached a new level, and so Stanmore 1 pushed for an equaliser, with Shaahid missing a 1-on-1 situation with the keeper. By this time, Sami had swopped with Jameel between the sticks.

Play continued on, with Stanmore 2 pushing for the second, with a few shots saved or wide from Muhammad Baqir and Zia. Their opportunity came soon, with Zia breaking away from Ali Hadi and smashing it in for 2-0. However, this match was far from over, as tempers bubbled over the surface, during a desperate struggle for a goal. Hassan also missed a 1-on-1, with Jameel almost sitting on the ball to save it. But Hassan was not put off, and managed to shoot again – this time hitting the back of the net.

It was super-tight, and play resumed, with both sides battling it out. Both teams had chances, however, team 1 could not finish there’s. On the other hand, Team 2 could, with Mouneer, the boy who hadn’t stopped running scored his second of the afternoon. Team 1 began to increase their pressure on on team 2, until Mohammed Mohsin Kanani managed to strike a second in. 3-2! A tense encounter happened thereafter, with team 1 pushing with all their might. However it was not to be enough, and the full-time whistle blew to indicate the end of the match. Tears were shed, and a lot of emotion, both happy, sad and angry could be felt in the hall. The game ended 3-2.

Man of the Match: Mouneer Al-Khayat
By Husayn Yahya Merali

Under 14’s match reports:
Stanmore Jafferys A vs London WizardsStanmore A

Muhammad-Zayn Kalyan (GK)
Muhammad Jawad Virjee
Mahdi Lahda
Abbas Lilani
Abbas Datoo
Ammar Jehta
Kumail Merali
Abbas Ali Gulamhussein

It was a Sunday afternoon of the 23rd April. Today would be Stanmore’s first experience at Futsal. A 5-a-side game that is played by present day football stars. It’s all about skill and making quick decisions. So Stanmore A was to play London Wizards in Stanmore’s future home venue, Harefield Academy.

The game began with tensions running high, and spectators screaming, urging us to win. It was clear from the kick-off that the Wizards were good team, passing and outwitting our players. Soon enough our goal was being peppered with balls, trying to find their way into Stanmore’s net. After merely 5 minutes, the London Wizards were one up. Soon after, with a player cutting inside giving a tap in for his teammate, the Wizards were two up with a goal similar in fashion to the first.

Stanmore were struggling to get in the game but then there was a breakthrough. Muhammad Jawad played a through-ball to Ladha, who blasted into the net. It was Stanmore’s first shot on target and gave them the confidence to do it again. It was difficult for Stanmore to adapt their style to a 5-a-side game, and the experience of the Wizards paid off. There were shots coming left, right and centre. Despite MZ’S considerable efforts, the London Wizards were brilliant. Stanmore were baffled when suddenly the score was 9-3 with Ladha and Muhammad Jawad scoring, but by then  the difference was just too big. The final whistle blew and our heads hung in shame. However, we need to remember it was our first game of Futsal; it’s important to remember that the first time Stanmore played an 11-a-side game we also lost 9-0, but a year later I am sure you will agree that you can see the progress that the youth have made. This just makes us more determined in a fortnight’s time to turn it around in a fortnight’s time.

by Muhammad-Zayn (Tier 5)

Stanmore Jafferys B vs Stanmore Jafferys C
Stanmore Jafferys B:
Ali-Abbas Dosa
Irfaan Kanji
Zaamin Valjy
Jawad Khatau
Imran Chandoo
Muntazir Ramji
Haider Virjee
Muhammad Gulamhussain

Stanmore Jafferys C:
Owais Mawjee
Ali Datoo
Shahid Ali Suteria
Sajjad Shabbir
Imran Karawalli
Abid Karawalli
Saami Hussein Jaffer
Qasim Kanani

Sunday 23rd April at the Harefield Academy, the future new home of SJFA. The match started well with both teams attacking well. For the first ten minutes the score was 0-0. Then Stanmore B managed to score, with Irfaan putting his name firmly on the score sheet. Stanmore C scored after five minutes of the first goal. Qasim scored an excellent goal bring Stanmore C back into the game. Not long after, Zaamin smashed the ball into the back of the net. Stanmore B had the lead for the second time this game, after Haider managed to find the net twice in the next twenty minutes. Soon after, Owais came off from being a goal keeper and Imran came on. Stanmore B were attacking again but Imran made two good saves to keep the score line the same. However, with much force Zaamin managed to find the net for the final time in the match.

End score: 5-1 to Stanmore Jafferys B
By Imran Karawalli