Give Your Old Boots A New Life – Help SJFC Support Kijana Kwanza

Help SJFC Support Kijana Kwanza (Tanzania)

Asalaamun Alaykum

SJFC would like your support for those who love to play football but may not have the same access to boots and kits as we do.

We are working to collect boots and kits that are not needed so that we can send these to Kijana Kwanza (Young People First) a non-denominational grassroots project based in Tanzania.

If you have any donations of cleaned boots or kits we would really appreciate if you could bring these to training on Sundays between now and the end of November.

SJFC will then look at getting these sent to Kijana Kwanza for the children to start playing the beautiful game in the new year.

If want to learn more about Kijana Kwanza please the link below:

Salaams & Duas