Handing Over the SJFA Mantle

Dear SJFA Family & SJ Members
Salaamun Alaikum

On Sunday 27th August 2017, the current SJFA Management team will officially sign off and the next team spearheaded by Mohammed Valjy will take over the mantle.

Nearly 2 years have passed since I was offered the opportunity to serve the community and SJ in particular. Whilst I accepted this responsibility and honour after great and lengthy consideration, reflecting over the term I can confidently state this has been one of the most fulfilling roles in my humble community career.

I am extremely proud of this community with the level of support SJFA has received throughout its journey.

Hujjat EC – your encouragement and blessing has been fundamental to our cause.

SJ Board –  One of the essential components in a successful structure is the support from the nerve centre and your support, trust, belief and conviction awarded to me and the SJFA team has been phenomenal.

Parentsyour involvement provides the reassurance every club needs to be surrounded by.

Corporate Partners & Private Donors – your partnership with and contribution to the SJFA brand has furnished us with moral support as well as the much required financial injection towards our development and growth.

Community your support was illustrated during Salaam Cup in a remarkable manner.

Thank you ALL for believing in our product and service.

It has been an honour to work with a group of individuals with the levels of energy they invest in the organisation.

Players – witnessing your participation and engagement, allowing you to design your own dreams and memories, is a blessing no words can describe.

Managers and Coachesyour commitment forms the backbone and powers up the whole institutional vehicle facilitating a sustainable platform. Our community has witnessed an amazing movement and our brand has become a household name in the SJFA family. It has generated waves not only locally but nationally with a few sprinkles beyond our shores. The destination of this ship has been set by a group of remarkable individuals and the map has equally been charted out by these flag- bearers facilitating a smooth co-ordination of this journey. In October 2015 one of our first tasks was to outline the structure of our team and as I look over the horizon I can categorically say that we truly had guidance from somewhere with our selections. You all have driven this armada from the front with true passion and commitment.

Execution of my responsibilities would not have been possible without the great personalities in my Management Team and without their engagement and inspiration. Throughout my term I have been surrounded by two exceptional individuals with their all round support and in particular extra special individual qualities ‎below:

Hyderali Datoo – bringing incredible inspiration with great and innovative ideas

Kumail Merali – providing unwavering support epitomising “working behind the scenes”

My sincere appreciation is also extended to Shams Kermalli and Mohsin Jeganathan for their involvement at the ‎inception stage as well as their subsequent contribution.

I pray to The Almighty for your and your families’ Tawfeeq and multiple increase in Rizq and Barakah.

SJFA’s ethos “Commercial Mind, Community Heart” is combined with the operational 8 Ps  (Protocol, Process, Preparation, Planning, Precision, Professionalism, Participation, Passion) and as part of this we have implemented a very carefully charted out transition course, ensuring continuity and sustainability.

On that note, I would like to formally put on record the appointment of Mohammed Valjy as the new Head of Stanmore Jafferys Football Academy. Over and above his position as U13/14 manager, Mohammed  has served as the SJFA Secretary since January 2017. His services have been instrumental in the SJFA development and I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to “Uncle” for bringing another level of energy to the SJFA management. Equipped with his passion, expertise and modus operandi, I am confident that the club will flourish and strengthen even further. I am equally confident that the community will award Mohammed and his team the same level of support and trust.

We have over the past months engaged in an active transition process and the next management team will be in a very apt position to take over at the dawn following the MAMT 2017 football tournament.

On a final note,  I would  like to extend my personal apologies, as well as on behalf of the team, for anything I (we) have said or done which has caused any inconvenience or hurt and I pray for your forgiveness in those matters.

Please do remember us in your prayers and God Bless you all.

With Salaams & Duas
Shafique Govani
Head of SJFA