Harefield United Whites vs SJFA U14


Mohammed Mehdi Panju (GK)
Shaahid Alimohamed
Ali Khatau
Sami Merali
Zia Dewji
Ali Hadi Govani
Ali Merali
Husayn Yahya Merali
Jameel Walji
Mohammed Mehdi Janmohammed
Muhammed Mehdi Dewji
Mohammed Baqir Lilani
Hassan Merali Dewji

At 9:40 everybody piled in and warmup began with a jokey atmosphere and unlike our other games, we had a bad warmup. We looked like we signed up for a no intensity on the warmup pitch meant no intensity on the field. We played quite simply atrociously. We had no team spirit and as a result, goals went in like bullets. We were being outplayed by a team we had a capability of beating. The half went with no signs of improvement.

We walked to the manager, bickering amongst ourselves when Hussein Uncle said to us that we need to focus more and bring team spirit.We acknowledged and agreed. The second half went underway with SJFA having a totally different mentality.

It did us good, the words of our manager rung in our ears and resonated in our hearts. A much better performance with countless chances made and instead of shouting about other players and telling each off, we encouraged other players and advised each other on better solutions.

The goal finally came with Sami doing step-overs and a pirouette, then a quick pass to Jameel, who flicked it to Mohamedmahdi and back to Sami, a few touches and bang, bottom corner. A beautiful display that play was and everyone enjoyed it.

The game resulted in a 10-1 defeat but the second half was only 2-1, we played like a different team. We came off at half-time playing like Watford and come on playing like Man City. We learned our lesson that the right intensity should be shown on the training ground and it shall mirror itself on the pitch.

Report by Mohamedmahdi Janmohamed