Holy Trinity Juniors U8 Wanderers vs SJFC U8


  1. Hussain Dhalla
  2. Mehdi Bhimji
  3. Zaynali Mohamed
  4. Mehdi Lakha
  5. Muhammad Jawad Tejani
  6. Hassan Daya
  7. Aliabbas Dharas
  8. Ali Husayn walji
  9. Ali hussain sumar
  10. Danyaal Panju

In cool but bright conditions, in leafy Amersham, SJFC U8 team ran out onto the pitch. Six-a-side instead of five the week before gave coach Kumail Jaffer a chance to try out his new 1-3-1 formation; his portable whiteboard indicating positions and runs like a premiership team. The 7 year old’s were full of confidence after a 5-0 home win but were soon rudely brought down to earth.

Two quick goals in the early minutes suggested a difficult morning ahead with the opposition key players carving up the team and drilling shots into the net. The team did well to keep the game to a respectable 4-2 at half time, including a penalty for hand-ball, but the second half saw the game slip away. Incisive play from the opposition coveted shot after shot and despite some good saves from the keeper the goals kept flowing. Some good counter-attacks resulted in another goal and another (converted) penalty bringing the final score to 9-4 — not too shabby for only the teams second ever competitive game and some great foundations to build on.

Hand shakes over, the boys had huge smiles; the scoreline never detracting for the sheer joy of playing the game and the strengthening the bonds of brotherhood. Parents enjoyed the sunshine, “baraza”, fateha and chai and siblings were suitably entertained. All that remained before the (long) drive home was three cheers for Holy Trinity!

Holy Trinity Juniors U8 Wanderers 9 – 4 Stanmore Jafferys Football Club U8

SJ Scorers:
Hussain Dhalla x 1
Mehdi Bhimji x1
Ali Husayn Walji x2
Ali Husayn Walji