Holy Trinity Juniors U9 Foxes vs SJFC U9


Murtaza Mehrali
Husayn Ali Khimji
Muhammad Hamzah Muraj
RaihanAli Dewji
Zachariya Mohamed
Muhammad Yusuf Dhirani
Javadali Muraj
Yusuf Merali
Hassan Merali
Adil Husayn Walji

After a loss and a draw in the opening two matches, it felt like the SJFC U9’s were due a victory. Coach Mustafa and Coach Sadik were well prepared with a resounding pre-match team talk and meticulous warm-up drills.

The U9 Foxes started the first quarter stronger, passing the ball with confidence and creating the initial chances. On their first break, SJFC U9 hit the post and just moments later, SJFC U9 had the lead from a fast counter attack. A second goal swiftly followed, and the flood gates opened. Before the cheering parents could finish their mandazi, SJFC U9’s were leading six-nil. The U9 Foxes managed to score a fantastic lob as the first quarter closed out.

In the second quarter, SJFC U9 continued to control the game and were able to add a seventh goal. Whilst SJFC U9 had more of the ball in quarter three, the U9 Foxes carried the greater goal threat.

The players did tire in the fourth quarter, unsurprising as this was the first match the SJFC U9s played of 15 minute quarters. The Foxes also had an extra player granted to them for most of the match, given the SJFC U9’s healthy lead. SJFC U9 still managed to add to their total, securing an 8 – 1 victory.

Throughout the match, the SJFC U9s performed as a team and worked tirelessly for each other – demonstrating the benefit of the squad playing together regularly. A thoroughly deserved result and testament of the guidance from the coaches and hard graft from the players.

Murtaza Mehrali – Superb goalkeeping performance with a string of saves, particularly in the third quarter.

Muhammad Hamzah Muraj – Excellent goalkeeping with a commanding and trusting presence.

Husayn Ali Khimji – Fantastic defending, with excellent positional play and multiple clearances from critical U9 Foxes’ attacks.

RaihanAli Dewji – Brilliant performance in defence and midfield, capped with a Mo Salah celebration for his second-half goal

Zachariya Mohamed – Excellent play across the pitch, contributing a thoroughly deserved goal in the first quarter.

Yusuf Merali – Awesome performance, playing in almost every outfield position and never stopped running.

Muhammad Yusuf Dhirani – Excellent play with brilliant passing and breaking up the U9 Foxes play.

Adil Husayn Walji – Man of the match performance, creating counter attacks and contributing a goal of his own.

Javadali Muraj – Courageous performance of strength and power with vital contributions in midfield and attack.

Hassan Merali – Five goal superstar, displaying excellent creative play throughout the match.

Match report – Zahid Khimji