Important – SJFC RETURN TO TRAINING at Harefield Academy

Salaamun Alaykum Dear Parents,

Inshallah we will commence training once again at Harefield Academy our home ground on Sunday 9th October 2022

Please review this COVID quick reference guide for all participants.

Please note the following:

Tier 1 & 2 parents are required to stay on by the side of the indoor 3G pitches during the session, in line of sight of the Tier 1 & 2 boys and coaches
Parents must maintain social distance and in groups of no more than 6 as per UK Gov COVID guidelines. We ask all parents and guardians to please help us to maintain training in a safe manner for all.

Tiers 3 – 6 Outdoors:
Parents must remain on site in case of issues or have a nominated guardian or carer that can be contacted

For further guidance on fees, Covid guidance and training sessions please see:

SJFC Training Overview

Salaams & Duas
SJFC Admin