Kings Church Amersham United vs SJFA U16


Abbas Datoo (C)
Zahid Nasser
Sami Hussein Jaffer
Muhammed – Zayn Kalyan (GK)
Mahdi Ladha
Jawad Khatau
Muhammad Jawad Virjee
Owais Mawji
Zamin Valjy
Sajjadali Janmohamed
Ali Datoo
Abid Karawalli

Coach: Mazharali Gulamhussein

It was a cold Saturday morning as the players got ready to kick off. SJFA kicked off first and got the game on the way. For the first 15 minutes SJFA played with high intensity, winning aerial headers and second chance balls. With Mahdi Ladha playing upfront we had the pace we needed to get behind their defence. Zaamin, playing against his former club was battling hard winning pretty much everything on his side. One of Amersham’s players ran through the middle and had a shot which unluckily deflected off Sami which led to the first goal of the game. SJFA did not let their heads drop in search of an equalizer, but to our misfortunes an overhead kick caught us out and one of Amersham’s players went on to score their second goal. During a heated battle for possession a free kick was awarded to Amersham. One of thier players stepped up to take it, MZ pulled of a great save but unfortunately it fell to one of their players who was there to finish it off.  From kick off SJFA created  good chances with impressive link up play in the middle between Jawad and Zahid. Our wingers Zaamin and Abid were making terrifying runs towards their defence and Virjee was playing some great through balls to Ladha. We eventually got caught out in midfield during an Amersham attack, despite Datoo putting in a brave tackle we conceded a corner. MZ made an impressive save to keep the first attempt out but couldn’t save the second making the score 4-0. The pace of the game slowed as we came close to end but Amersham got through once more to score their 5th goal ending the half 5-0 down.

SJFA began the second half positively. Energy levels were high within the team. We dominated possession for the first 10 mins. Zaamin, Ladha, Abid and MJ Were causing havoc. A long ball over the top came in and one of their players headed it on for  another player finish it, the ref blew his whistle for offside. More controversy was to follow after Abid put through on goal by MJ but the linesman called offside. As the game was nearing the end SJFA tried to keep a clean sheet in the second half with Sami, Datoo, Owais and Sajjadali putting in solid tackles. The game ended 5-0.

Man of the match: Abid Karawalli

Match report written by Jawad Khatau