Lemsford Reserves vs SJFC


Mazharali Gulam Hussein
Gibran Pirbhai
Maisam Merali
Hussein Pirbhai
Yaseen Valjy
Mahdi Hemraj
Roshanali Merali
Ali Somani
Amir Merali
Baqer Abboud
Hussein Abdulla
Abbasali Merali
Imranali Khaki (GK)

The team arrived promptly at 1pm as a result of the stern words given by skipper Huss the previous week. We were out on the field by 1.20 for a thorough warm up.

The game kicked off at 2 with the team already warm and rearing to go and get a dub. The football was immaculate but the finishing was not clinical. As a result, the opposition took a very fortunate 1-0 lead after several deflections saw the ball hit the back of our net. 10 minutes later throw in taken by Lemsford into our box and penalty given for a soft push in the back by Amuz. However fortunately for sj penalty was skied. With Stanmore creating many chances we ended the half strongly.