MAMT 2017 – U15 match reports

With the referee’s talk done and a few short drills we were ready to go. There was a sense of calm confidence, all the coaches were prepared. Our teams were split into two groups. Group B had 3 Stanmore teams – Stanmore Blue, Stanmore Yellow and Stanmore Orange.

Coach: Abbas Merali
1.Muhammad Zayn Kalyan (GK)
2.Muhammad Jawad Virjee (C)
3.Mahdi Ladha
4.Abbasali Gulamhussein
5.Mohammed Abbas Lilani
6.Haider Virjee
7.Sajjadali Janmohamed

SJFA Yellow
Coach: Mohammed Valjy
1.Ali Abbas Dossa (GK)
2.Irfan Kanji
3.Imran Chandoo
4.Zaamin Valjy
5.Abbas Datoo
6.Ammar Jehta (C)
7.Muhammed Gulamhussein

SJFA Orange
Coach: Shams Janmohamed
1.Ali Datoo
2.Ali Jaganathan
3.Abid Karawalli (C)
4.Sajjad Shabir
5.Kumail Aarif Merali
6.Muhammadhussein Jagani

Stanmore Blue won all their games comfortably except a nail biter of a match with Hyderi. With the score 2-2 a last minute conceded goal gave Hyderi a win. Stanmore Blue deserved at least a draw. The highlight of the match was a nutmeg by Mahdi Lahda and a cracking goal straight after. After qualifying from the group stage Stanmore Blue were eventually knocked out by Stanmore Green the eventual losing finalists.

Stanmore Yellow also had an impressive group stage losing only to Hyderi and a nervous encounter with Stanmore Blue. Qualifying impressively with some great goals from Irfaan Kanji. They played Birmingham in the quarter -final. A close encounter with the match ending 1-1, Stanmore Yellow eventually went out on penalties.

Stanmore Orange fought hard and gave 150% commitment but did not get to the knock out stage. A special call out to Aliraza Abbas Aliraza who showed some great touches throughout the matches.

Group A had 4 teams –
Stanmore Black, Stanmore Green, Stanmore White And Stanmore Purple.

SJFA Black
Coach: Sabir Datoo
1.Hussayn Meghjee (GK)
2.Hassan Kanani
3.Sameer Kanji
4.Mohammed Mehdi Karim (C)
5.Imran Kermalli
6.Aliraza Mussa
7.Qasim Suleman

SJFA Green
Coach: Hassnain Suleman
1.Owais Mawjee (GK)
2.Zainali Bandali
3.Imran Dewji (C)
4.Ahmed Fazli
5.Jawad Khatau
6.Muntazir Ramji

SJFA White
Coach: Kumayl Panju
1.Imran Karawalli
2.Asgerali Virani
3.Yasir Merali (C)
4.Mahdi Dhirani
5.Reza Massoumian
6.Qasim Kanani

SJFA Purple
Coach: Gibran Pirbhai
1.Mohammad Ali Hasnain
2.Ali Noorali Nasser
3.Mohamed Noorali Nasser (C)
4.Ali Reza Kassam
5.Saami Hussein Jaffer
6.Eshan Gangji

Stanmore Blacks won all their games in the group stage. Stanmore Greens started off on the back foot with a late injury announced just before the start of the tournament. They managed to scrape through the group stage with a huge goal difference. Their most memorable match against Peterborough which they won 3-0.

Stanmore Whites also finished on 7 points which was impressive. Their
1- 0 win against Greens was their best game. Stanmore Purple didn’t qualify through the group stage however with each game they got better. Special mention to our new coach.

In the quarter finals Stanmore Blacks met Peterborough Stars. With a resounding win they met Birmingham in the semi-final which they won 2-0 another great performance they were now in the final.

In the other quarter final Stanmore Greens were pitted against Stanmore Blue who were the favourites to win this tie. However sjfa Greens beat them with a 4-0 win. The most satisfying win for their coach. SJfA Greens met Peterborough in the semi-final who knocked out Hyderi. It was a tight game but the tactics were spot on and Greens won 1-0.

Two Stanmore teams in the final. Blacks v Greens. Blacks the clear favourites with a 100% win record and Greens with no subs left due to injuries. Whispers from the crowd that this is going to be a one sided game. The Blacks did dominate and scored but the Greens dug deep and with a bit of good luck scored the equaliser.

Final whistle and it’s down to penalties. After the 3 penalties the score was tied at 2 each. Sudden death ! Blacks step up and score . Greens hit the post and miss. What a final. Congratulations to Sabir (Coach)and his team for winning the u15’s Mamt Tournament. Sjfa Blacks worked hard for each other took directions from their coach it was A perfect performance from start to finish. A special mention to Munatzir Ramji (Greens) one of the youngest players who played every minute of every game he was was irreplaceable. Remember his name there’s plenty more to come.

Tier 5 and Tier 6 Managers 
Mohammed Valjy & Hassnain Suleman