MAMT 2019 Review

24th August 2019

At MAMT this year SJFA were represented by 126 players participating across all of our 5 tiers and as usual managed by our team of fantastic coaches and passionately supported by the ever faithful parents.

With a change of venue MAMT returned to Birmingham after several years which some of our upper tier players may remember. I’m not sure if the weather was as magnificent last time SJFA played here but this year we were greeted with a day that went from a warm early morning to a sweltering 33 degrees at its peak as the boys played their finals.

Each pitch was filled with the sound of coaches voices encouraging their players on, parents willing their boys to push that little bit more and a little banter between Jammats.

Whilst the temperature was boiling as always the level of akhlaq from SJFA was maintained across our teams and it’s something we need to acknowledge & be proud of before any results are discussed.

Believe us that we will be discussing results because this year SJFA didn’t just come home with a handful of trophies, the boys made us proud by getting to the Premiership finals in all 6 age tiers and bringing home the titles in 4 out of these 6.

In addition SJFA won 2 plate finals, came runners up in 3 plate competitions and for the Adults Stanmore won the Open Premiership & the plate as well as bringing home the over 50’s plus runners up in the Over 34’s Plate competition.

In total 11 youth teams from Stanmore brought home silverware out of the 18 teams we entered which is an amazing achievement as well as a testament to the boys skill and tenacity.

Here are the full results for SJFA:

Tier 1 Prem: SJFA Red Runners Up
Tier 2 Prem: SJFA Green Winners
Tier 2 Plate: SJFA Blue Winners
Tier 2 Plate: SJFA Red Runners Up
Tier 3 Prem: SJFA Red Winners
Tier 4 Prem: SJFA Red Winners
Tier 4 Plate: SJFA Blue Winners
Tier 4 Plate: SJFA Green Runners Up
Tier 5 Prem: SJFA Reds Winner
Tier 6 Prem: SJFA Black Runners up
[MAMT Results Link]

A big congratulations to all the boys who participated, the parents who have supported us throughout the year, the managers & coaches for their continuous commitment through this very long and successful season, let’s not forget our partners and the Boards of both Stanmore Jafferys and Hujjat for their support, trust, belief and encouragement.

Salaams & Duas