MAMT 2020 Dates

MAMT 2020 will take place as follows:

Dates: Friday 10 – Monday 13 April 2020
Venue: Peterborough

In light of the Muharram / Safar season falling on the traditional MAMT Bank Holiday weekend, several options were explored and decision was made after careful consideration for a number of factors, including:

  • 15th Shabaan : adjust the schedule to start on Saturday if the night falls on Thursday, however for now it is assumed that the night will be Wednesday and the day Thursday.

  • Look to minimise days and time for ages that maybe doing GCSE / A-Level exams.

We thank you for your continued support and below is a schedule of dates to look out for:-

● 15th December 2019 : First draft of pack to be sent via email.

● 5th January 2020: Co-ordinators meeting to review pack

● 20th January 2020: Final Pack out

● 1st March 2020 – Deadline for Entries

Once the final MAMT pack is locked in, SJ will send out the registration process to the members.