Marhum Kassam Jaffer’s Strong Cord with SJFA

In the wake of the immense loss our community has witnessed, community members have over the past few days shared messages and thoughts about the marhum’s extraordinary qualities. His efforts and services at various levels of the community echelons are acknowledged and appreciated across all segments where he contributed so vastly from the field of education to management engaging with youths and elders alike.

In addition to all the official capacities of altruistic services, Marhum Kassam played an instrumental role behind the scenes as well. In particular, his commitment and contribution to SJFA has been priceless and invaluable. As we have always maintained, a club structure builds its foundation and strength on a number of pillars including players, volunteers, and parents. In this set up, one of the absolutely essential elements is the support of our corporate partners not only with their financial contribution but equally important their moral support.

Marhum Kassam stated that earlier in his life he had no interest in football and could not stand anything to do with football which changed and evolved in line with his nephews’ and niece’s love for the game. This family element in combination with his passion to invest in the community infrastructure struck a chord with him resulting in marhum becoming a core supporter of SJFA since its inception and has acted as our backbone without hesitation throughout our journey.

His commitment was clearly illustrated at the time of this year’s Salaam Cup where he tailored his commercial travelling to ensure he could be present at the event where he delivered an inspirational talk and honoured us with his presence at the trophy presentation.

He highlighted elements of the SJFA set up – Community Spirit & Citizenship, Volunteerism, Team Ethos, Fun & Enjoyment –  that resonated with his view on life. All these ingredients will be part of every SJFA activity as we carry the SJFA tracksuits supported by Marhum Kassam Jaffer and also acting as a visible sign of the strong cord infused in our club spirit.

On a final note, our condolences to the SJFA Chair Mohammed “Uncle Mo” Valjy (marhum’s brother-in-law) and his family. We pray to The Almighty to grant them Sabr in these difficult times.