Message from Trophy Sponsors – The Salaam Centre

The Salaam Cup – what an achievement for our community! It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of the event.

The Salaam Cup demonstrated how we can create an atmosphere of enjoyment and understanding amongst people of different faiths and backgrounds. And what better way to bring people together than two of everyone’s favourite things – sport and food! Whether it was the teams on the pitch or those who came to enjoy the stalls, The Salaam Cup drew people in and showcased how we can create an inclusive community.

But can you imagine being able to do this every day, as a normal part of life? This is the vision and purpose of the Salaam Centre – a futuristic building where people of all faiths or no faith are welcome to meet and interact, through sport, or enjoy a meal or a coffee together, visit the gardens, work in the library or media rooms, view an exhibition in the foyer, or attend a lecture, film or play in the theatre, for their children to tumble in soft play, and so many other activities. At the same time the prayer room and religious facilities are always available for all of us to worship and fulfil our religious obligations.

The Salaam Centre looks to create a fundamental change in approach in the way that Muslim centres in the West are designed. The architecture will be stunning; but the Salaam Centre is about much more than a beautiful building. The Centre is a space where everyone feels that they can participate – and in doing so, will learn about who we are as Muslims. With a wide range of facilities and a welcoming attitude, the Salaam Centre will cater for the social, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of people from all walks of life, age and gender.

So look back at the Salaam Cup which has just taken place; look at the success that it achieved. Now look forward to reproducing this success in our community, on a daily basis, at The Salaam Centre.

If you want to be part of this amazing project, give us a call or WhatsApp on +44 7836 599099 or an email on

We have started building this centre and need your help to complete it. Come and visit the site; come and see what we hope to achieve: visit the website for more details. Be part of the future.

Dr Nizar Merali