Message from Trophy Sponsors – Viisana

What a fantastic event….

First and foremost, well done to everyone involved… Shafique Govani and his incredible team, to all the Salaamteers who kept us happy throughout…
Special thanks to the brother supplying the burgers!

And most of all, to all those participating … players, officials and coaches – you are the centre point to creating such a buzz!

When we were asked to get involved, what inspired us the most was the SJFA commitment to engage with the community, and give a platform for the youth to strive to achieve their goals.

Promoting sports in a professional, structured but fantastically fun way resonates with our ethos at Viisana… which is taking small steps to a better you and rewarding you for it. We are looking to change the way we view protection insurance – life cover, health, critical illness and so forth. Our passion is to raise the awareness on how important future planning is, but also to understand that cover is no good unless to protect the most important of all… your health.

Thank you for having us, and for letting us support this fantastic initiative. The only way I can truly sign off today is by wishing you many congrats for this success, all the best for the future… and for Salaam… peace in all you do!

Zameer Nazarali