My experiences as an SJFA player

This Ramadhan, a 10 year old SJFA player – Husayn Ali Abbas Ismail – was given the opportunity of addressing his fellow youths as part of the Hujjat Stanmore annexe programme for children.

He chose to speak about his experiences as an SJFA player. Here is his speech:

My dear brothers in Islam – Salaam Alaykum

Today I would like to talk to you about my experiences as an SJFA football player and what I have learned, and how we can apply that in our lives.
Since September 2016, I have been a regular player for SJFA Tier 3. We have been playing matches against other teams such as Northwood, Chalfont, Indian Gymkhana, and many more.

This experience has taught me some important lessons, such as:

  • Patience
  • Brotherhood
  • Unity
  • Sacrifice
  • Teamwork
  • Fitness
  • Determination
  • Humility

Let me go through a few of these and give you some examples.

  1. We can use determination to keep going in life and never give up. For example, in football if I lose the ball I don’t just give up; I make sure I get the ball back.
  2. We can use brotherhood to get along with another. For example, myself and Alireza and Adam Valjy used to fight all the time, but since we have played for SJ they are among my best friends.
  3. Football helps with your fitness because you run around a lot and that keeps you fit.
  4. Being willing to sacrifice is very important. In football if you want to go upfront but the coach tells you to go in defence you have to make a sacrifice for the team.
  5. In our religion and community we need teamwork. Football is all about teamwork because in football it’s not a one man job but you play with your teammates as one unit.

Thank you for listening, and please pray that one day I play for Liverpool.

By Husayn Ali Abbas Ismail