New Tier 6 And 7 Arrangements

Salaam Alaikum

Over the last 12 months the SJFA has put together a platform for the 17-21 year olds to have the opportunity to train in a safe environment with their peers originally at Harefield and then based on a pulse survey we moved the training to Ruislip. However, it has become clear that the 18-21 year olds have had challenges to train for the following reasons:-

1. University/School Commitments
2. Other personal football arrangements during the week
3. Day/Timing does not fit in with their busy schedule

With this in mind we have decided, with immediate effect, that the SJFA will no longer offer regular training sessions for the 18-21 year olds due to the lack of demand but will continue to provide support (where required) for tournaments etc.

Also with immediate effect, we will expand the current Tier 6 to accommodate the 17 year olds (year 12) and they can register for training at Harefield on Sundays from 28 January (2.30pm to 4.00pm). Registration for training will be sent out week commencing 22 January.

The decisions above were not taken lightly but further to consultation with the group of boys and with the lack of demand it is the only viable option going forward.

A special thanks to the Tier 7 Manager, Arif Bandali, for his leadership, energy and commitment over the years. He has been instrumental with the development of the Tier 7 boys.

Salaams and Duas