Northwood Under 6 Tournament

Tier 1 seems to have come a long way from over a year ago when we started the structure under SJFA.

Once again, this was another first opportunity at being invited to the Northwood Under 6 Tournament. The day started of bright and with a crisp breeze blowing, it set the perfect backdrop in Northwood for the tournament.

We raised a team consisting of 8 players for this fixture.

The squad players were as follows:
Zain Dharas
Zayn Khatau
Abbas Rajvani
Ali Nurmohamed
Jabir Merali
Ridha Hussein Kanji
Ali Nurmohamed
Hassan Valjy

Before the kick off session all parents, coaches/managers and kids alike were brought together. The introduction speech was poignant and to the point. “The whole aim of this tournament is to see the smile on the kids’ faces. We will not be keeping a record of the scores at all. All we want is for the boys and girls to play with a big heart and enjoy the game no matter what the result.” With this the teams dispersed to their respective pitches to mark the start of the games.

The players were all kitted out in their Stanmore Kits and all ready and waiting for the games to begin. We started off with a light warm-up routine and included some stretching exercises as well as light passing and shooting practice.

Below was the Tournament schedule and we were drawn in Group 2. The format of the games was structured as 10 minute matches (5-a-side) with all games at the scheduled time kicking off simultaneously.

The format was setup with Ali Nurmohamed in goal, Abbas Rajvani and Jabir Merali in defence with Zayn Khatau and Zain Dharas upfront.

“Think Sport Thunder Blue,” started off the mark with a on the front foot, pressing Stanmore defence and on a couple of occasions had good crosses into the box but no one at the other end to meet it and slot it home.

Stanmore strung a good few passes and were stopped by the resolute defence of Think Sport Thunder Blue. Goalkeeper Ali was pulled some super stops in goal keeping Think Sport Thunder Blue at bay. Ridha Hussein, Adam Merali and Hassan Valji were brought and once again the pressure from Think Sport Thunder Blue was good and they scored a few times during the second half or the first game Stanmore were resolute and never let the goals get them down.

Final Score: Think Sport Thunder Blue 6 – 0 Stanmore
The next game was against Northwood Whites.

A Slight change in formation with Abbas Rajvani and Hassan Valji playing upfront with Adam Merali in Goal and Jaabir and Ali Nurmohamed in defence. The boys gelled better stood their ground from the advances of Northwood Whites. The boys were substituted to keep the momentum flowing and this time they withstood the pressure better. Northwood had a few breaks and managed to squeeze past 2 against Stanmore.

Final Score: Northwood Whites 2 – 0 Stanmore
We had a 2-game break and the boys were entertained with loads of fruits, crisps, sandwiches and drinks to build their reserve energy for the games to come.

11.15 saw us kicking off against Oxhey Jets. This time the pressure was good from Stanmore. With resolute defence and pushing forward saw Stanmore scoring the first goal of the tournament. Oxhey then came back fighting and equalised the score and then before the end scored again to see them victorious.

Final Score: Oxhey Jets 2 – 1 Stanmore
Northwood Reds were our next opposition and this was an even match for Stanmore as both teams had good defence and pressed forward. There was sustained pressure from both sides and Northwood Reds pushed ahead and eventually scored.

Final Score: Northwood Reds 1 – 0 Stanmore
The last game of the tournament was against George Green who were once again matched similarly in strength to our boys and had a couple of chances that they created and capitalised on them too.

Final Score: George Green 3 – 0 Stanmore
After all the games were played, the medal ceremony was what the boys were looking forward to. The glow on their faces was priceless as can be seen from the pictures below.

Group Photo after the medal ceremony.

The experience for our boys in these friendly games is invaluable. There is a lot that the boys, parents and managers/coaches learnt.

  • We have a very talented tier
  • We have parents that have great commitment
  • We can raise teams for fixtures
  • We impressed the other teams’ coaches and had many compliments on our players.
  • We can compete against any opposition
  • Great play from the whole team – we look forward to more teamwork form all players

A huge thanks goes to the coordinators and the admin team to facilitate this. Thanks goes to the parents too for taking the time out and supporting the children come rain or shine.

Going forward we will Inshallah have many more opportunities for the rest of the Tier 1 players We will keep you posted on future opportunities as they arise.

Abbas Khatau (Tier 1 Manager)