Popcorn & Candy Floss At Salaam Cup

On Saturday, 30 June my family and I travelled to Harefield Academy feeling very excited as it was Salaam Cup 2018! As I got there I was very confused because i was wondering “if this was a football tournament for boys what would I end up doing for the whole day??”

As I was walking around the stalls taking in the delicious smelling food around me i spotted something through the window. It looked like a large hall with a big screen. Surely this couldn’t be a cinema? I went investigating to find the “cinema” which actually turned out to be an auditorium. When I opened the doors I saw at least 100 kids sitting around eating popcorn and I got very excited. I ran in with my friends and we sat down to enjoy the fresh crispy popcorn and fluffy pink candy floss we finally settled into our seats ready to watch “UP”. I got so engrossed in the movie that much to my disappointment I missed my brother’s football match . But trust me the cinema was probably the best place you could have been in to stay away from the scorching heat. After the movie there was a magic show, but I would recommend it to be suitable for younger children aged 4-7 years old. At the end of the day I’m not sure why I was so worried because in the end it turned out to be more of a movie/funday for the girls and the kids who were not involved in playing football. My friends and I all agreed that we had a thoroughly enjoyable day at Salaam Cup 2018.

By Maryam Maleeha Valjy