Prepare for the Salaam ‘World’ Cup Fever – 30th June 2018

Stanmore Jafferys Football Academy has the honour and pleasure to launch the SJFA Salaam Cup 2018.

Saturday 30th June 2018

Harefield Academy, Northwood Way, Harefield UB9 6ET

The Award Winning Salaam Cup 2017 attracted:
·         11 Communities and clubs across the country
·         500+ players
·         57 teams
·         1000+ spectators

Children between the ages of 7 to 16 competed in over 8 hours of football for trophies and golden boots.

500 gourmet burgers were consumed in sweltering heat, young and old feasting on Zanzibarian mix, and our community embracing and welcoming the wider local community members as our own.

The 2017 Salaam Cup edition was an award winning event clearly illustrating a community spirit being most certainly alive and without prejudice. At a time when our community bridges need strengthening, Salaam Cup showed through the passion of football that this is indeed possible.

Salaam Cup 2018 provides yet another platform to connect countries and communities.

In this World Cup year SJFA Salaam Cup will again showcase skills and courage of our boys in their quest for trophies and glory in the same way Harry Kane and England will be pursuing glory in Russia.

We would like you all to once again embark with us on this journey as ONE TEAM & COMMUNITY. Bring your families, children, parents, grandparents – sharing the harmony and unity with our neighbouring communities.

Join us on Saturday 30th June and watch our boys on their way to glory! Let us make Salaam Cup 2018 a reason to celebrate once again.

Over the coming weeks and months we will provide more details on this great event including age groups, format and registration process.

Salaam Cup Project Team

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Prepare for the Salaam ‘World’ Cup Fever