Proud to Sponsor the SJFA Salaam Cup – Truly a Tournament for All!

DentistryForYou was proud to sponsor the SJFA Salaam Cup 2018 which took place last weekend. Bringing together over 2000 people with youths from varying backgrounds competing in a large football tournament, the Salaam Cup is an example of what can be achieved when communities work together selflessly for the sake of their people.

Tooth decay remains the main cause of hospital admissions for children aged under 18 years. Reports have shown Hillingdon to have the highest rate of early childhood tooth decay amongst London boroughs. Our aim as a corporate sponsor for the SJFA Salaam Cup was to provide support to the administrative staff so that we may increase the awareness of the importance of Oral Health to the local community. What was achieved on the day was far more.

The extensive planning and preparation that had gone into this event was reflected in its well organised and structured nature. Ultimately, this led to a day where not only the youths could enjoy playing the game that they love so much but also for families to spend the day together basking in the sunshine enjoying the various foods and activities available. The chance for everyone to take a photo with the FA Cup was an added bonus! The crowds of players sporting our black and white DentistryForYou kits gave us an opportunity to spread the importance of good oral hygiene and furthermore, ease of access to an NHS Dentist to the wider community.

We asked our CEO, Dr Esmail Harunani to give his comments after the event, ‘This day was by far one of the best examples of a local community working together for the sake of the children. The organisation of the day was brilliant and it was clear to see that everyone who attended had a wonderful day. I hope that the presence of DentistryForYou helped raise awareness of the ongoing oral health issues in Hillingdon which we will continue to work towards improving for the sake of the local community.’
We would like to thank the SJFA for giving us the opportunity to sponsor this event and commend the administrative staff of the SJFA along with the ‘Salaamteers’ for their assiduous efforts.

Dr Murtaza Kanani
DentistryForYou – 2018/2020 Kit Sponsor