Ramadan Kareem

Salaamun Alaykum and Ramadan Kareem to you and your families on behalf of SJFC.

We would like thank you all for you perseverance through the last 8 months of lockdown with the stops and restarts of football for the boys, new rules and regulations etc that have kept us on our toes.

Last weeks session was a testament to the boys appetite to continue to play with over a hundred and fifty boys registering for training. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions we were limited on space and therefore the number of boys we could allow into training. Inshallah as the restrictions lift over the coming weeks we should start to come back to a more normalised training schedule and venue availability.

It has been fantastic to welcome back our youngest tier (Tier 1) to training after a few months of being paused due to restrictions of allowing parental support on site.

Inshallah we will be running 2 training sessions during Ramadan as below before we return to normal training post Ramadan for a few weeks until the end of the football season:

Ramadan Training Date:
– Sunday 25th April 2021
– Registration Link Monday 19th April @ 12:00 noon

– Sunday 9th May 2021
– Registration Link Monday 3rd May @ 12:00 noon

We wish you a blessed Ramadan and may your Prayers and Duas be granted.

Nazir Rajvani
SJFC Chair and The SJFC Team.