Revitalising SJ Adults Football

We have had a great response on the completion of the pulse survey on the future of adults football. It has attracted an initial 100+ responses.

The responses from community cross-section, within such a short time span, ranging across seasoned players in our community to SJFA graduates (age 17+), clearly suggests the immense appetite our membership has for a Stanmore Jafferys Adults Football Section.

Based on the survey results we can establish that there is definitely a demand for:

• Weekly formal training sessions
• Centrally organised friendly matches
• League participation (7/8-aside & 11-aside)

Comments from the survey include:

• Whatever is decided I think it be imperative that you schedule this with other jamaats so more adult tournaments can take place
• There needs to be, ideally, an experienced manager and/or coach in place to lead a team if potentially playing in tournaments local and abroad. Organisation will need to be in place from the start or it might not work as good. A good place to start would maybe to look back at what worked well in previous years and how that can be built upon for the future.
• I think this is a wonderful initiative to get the community members to play again and also maintain fitness. Also by encouraging sports, you are bringing back the youths/adults back into the community social circle.
• Of course, you would have thought of this but I think some consideration might be worth having in whether we should enter an adult league and maybe an over 35 league for the oldies like me.

SJFA are now devising a plan for 2019 including:

• Training Structure & Format
• Training Ground/Pitch Availability
• Recruitment of External Coaches
• Exploring Hertfordshire/Middlesex FA Leagues
• External Friendly Matches
• Internal SJ League Structure
• SJ Summer Tournament
• SJ Membership Structure

SJ / SJFA are excited to revitalise Adults Football and our aim is to create a pathway to a sustainable model enabling inclusive participation at various levels. This is a long-term journey we are embarking on and we will together navigate our way to the optimal model with the help of our SJFA experience and with constructive engagement from the membership. Whilst we will together build blocks over time, our aim is to deliver immediate activities soon after Mahe Ramadhan Inshallah.

We are requesting you all to continue with your engagement and ongoing feedback to and in addition we are initiating a WA group where updates and information will be shared (Join here).

For those in your family/friend circles who did not complete the initial survey but would like to be considered please, please request them to contact us at

Salaams & Duas