Salaam Cup 2018 – A Behind The Scene Technical Insight – The Facts

Following the hugely successful 2018 Salaam Cup, hosted by Stanmore Jefferys Football Academy, on Saturday, 30th June at the Harefield Academy, I wanted to give you an insight on some of the technical specifications involved.

– Total value of equipment onsite was £480,000.00 weighing in at a massive 7.2 tonnes

– Total length of cable provided: 3,360m / 11,000 feet. The single longest run measured 325m / 1060 feet providing audio to the outdoor grass pitch. The heaviest individual cable was the 50m 63amp 3 phase heavy duty power cable at 92kg

– For Health & Safety – 720kg / 53m – 174 feet of cable ramps were provided

– The main fan-zone screen measured a whopping 4m wide by 2.5m high weighing in at 650kg

– 26 Radios were provided and programmed over 5 channels to enable the various teams of Salaamteers to stay in touch over the school ground.

The AV team were onsite from 16:00 on Friday afternoon to 01:30 on Sunday morning, ensuring everything ran to schedule.