Salaam Cup 2019 Training Date – 9 June

As you all know Salaam Cup this year is scheduled on 22 June.

We have arranged one important training session for all registered Salaam Cup players. The training sessions is as follows:-

9 June – 9.00am – 11.00am

It is important that all registered players participate in this one and only training session as the coaches deliberate on the final squads.

The final squads will be released on 10 June.

In order to enhance our planning and preparation, we have arranged a registration process where Salaam Cup registered players have to sign up to the training session on 9 June.

Please note the training sessions are planned based on numbers registered and attending training without registration will not guarantee participation.

To ascertain the number of boys that will attend training and allow the coaches to prepare for training, please complete the right registration form.

Tier 1 – U5/6
Tier 2 – U7/8
Tier 3 – U9/10
Tier 4 – U11/12
Tier 5 – U13/14
Tier 6 – U15/16

If for any reason you cannot attend, please notify us by email ( with your child’s name and tier number.

All parents are reminded that shin pads and correct footwear are mandatory during the training session.

Training is on astrosurface for Tiers 1 to 5 and on grass surface for Tier 6. Correct footwear is essential.

Deadline: 6 June – Midday